Top 4 iconic brand logos of all time 

logos are the visual identity of a brand and they can make or break the image of a brand in the eyes of a discerning consumer. It is the first impression and it is a greeting. It triggers how you feel about an organization and what they provide. For example, when you come across McDonald’s golden arch you start thinking of french fries and big macs, and when you see the logo of BMW, you start thinking of a slick car. Every organization creates a logo for establishing its brand identity, but all logos do not become famous and memorable. 

Famous logos are easily recognizable, reflect the message of a brand, and are unique enough to stand out from the crowd. They serve as indicators of loyalty, values, and togetherness. In this blog, we will discuss the top 4 iconic logos of all time. 

Market and trends are constantly changing but some characteristics like layout, patterns, color, and typography have a major impact on how consumers perceive a logo. Knowing how the blog enterprises do it right will help you to create an effective logo and connect with your audience. 

1)Apple Logo

The Apple logo is one of the most famous and unique logos of all time. The first Apple logo was launched in the year 1976, but at that time the logo was very much different from the logo that we know today. The original logo featured Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple hanging from its branch, poised to drop. Though it was quite creative, still Apple company simplified its brand logo to a literal apple. 

Apple used a rainbow-colored logo between the years 1978 to 1998 and then it evolved into shiny chrome and then flat color, the logo design of Apple that the world sees today. Basically, to keep the design simple Apple shifted from the rainbow design to chrome and then to falt color. The chrome and flat color logo design also demonstrate sophistication and sleekness and the curved apple represents the style. 

According to some people, the “bite” out of the apple on the logo is a pun on the word “byte”. Others think that it is a metaphor for the bite of knowledge that people get by using the products of the Apple brand. Either way, it is an excellent idea to make a minimalistic logo more interesting. 

The best thing about the Apple logo is that it displays the characteristics of its products in its design. The logo 100% matches the personality of the brand. Whenever we think of Apple’s products, be it phones or laptops, we think of words like sleek, accessible, and intelligent. The Apple logo exactly conveys that. 

2)Google Logo

Google’s logo is another popular logo of all time. The original logo was created by Google in the year 1998 by only using a standard font for displaying the organization’s name. The logo remained the same till 2009 when Google modify the coloring and shading of the lettering. Google relaunched its brand logo in the year 2015 with a modernized and customized typeface and similar colors that were more saturated and vibrant. 

The simplicity of Google’s logo can be seen in its design. Google chose a wordmark for its custom logo design and they use primary colors to give the logo a look that pops. But the “l” in the logo is of green color and green is a secondary color and Google included that in its logo to say “We don’t need to follow rules”, a choice that makes the organization look even more innovative.

The letter spacing of the wordmark represents how the organization moves users through its interface. The negative space in the design is a contrast to the primary colors used, highlighting the way Google stands out over the competition. Google also sometimes uses quirky versions of its logo for reflecting world events which is an amazing way to stand in a community with a worldwide audience. Though you may not prefer to change your logo every week, an innovative touch like this is an amazing way to stay connected with your consumers. 

3)Target Logo

The logo of the brand Target is one of the most iconic logos of all time. The Target company was founded in the year 1962, and the original logo was launched then only. It had three white and three red rings with the name of the organization displayed across it. The company removed the image from its logo in the year 1989 and became a wordmark with “TARGET” in bold lettering. But the iconic bullseye returned with the text removed in the year 2006. 

The Target brand logo become so popular because it represents the name “Target” by using an actual target symbol. The logo stands out because of its use of red color and striking simplicity. The circle within the circle in the design communicates universally. The negative space usage beyond the outer ring creates a symbol of strength and trust. 

The red color denotes passion, importance, and attention in business while white denotes cleanliness, health, and virtue. After exploring the philosophy of the company, we can say that the colors used in the logo of the Target brand perfectly match the vision and purpose of the company.

Therefore you must identify certain traits in your logo design depending on your Industry. Shapes are an amazing way of doing that. The Target brand use circles to represent trust and loyalty and convey that to their consumers. Another important thing is to use negative space in order to avoid clogging up your logo design with elements that will stop people from knowing vital things about your brand. 

A top logo design company can help you to create the perfect logo for your brand and you can also use a logo maker online for creating a customized logo for your brand.

4) LG Logo

The company was founded in the year 1958 and the name of the company then was Goldstar Electronics. The company LG that we all know is rebranded in 1995 with the slogan “Life’s Good” and an original logo. The logo gets a 3D effect in the year 2011 that the company is using today. 

The letters LG matches the slogan of the company “Life’s Good” and the winking emoji in the LG logo perfectly bring those words to life. Furthermore, the G is shaped like an on-button, which is very much suitable for an electronics company. 

LG also uses a red circle in its logo design like the Target logo for signifying community, endurance, and friendship. The organization gives its logo a 3D transformation on its storefronts. This provides it a futuristic appeal which helps in strengthening the visual impact of their symbol mark and help in communicating their attributes. 

The LG logo is simple yet interesting. The LG logo conveys all of its brand attributes with just two letters, one color, and a simple shape. Thus we can say that if you unlock your creative side, you can end up creating a custom logo design with just a few elements. 


These famous logos of top brands are admired by people all over the world because of their philosophy, identity, success, and customer satisfaction. Each of these logos represents the brand perfectly to forge a brand identity that every person can relate to.