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7 best time tracking tools


Accurate time shadowing is essential to be suitable to bill efficiently. Yet, more than 30 percent of professionals say homemade time entries and data adaptations are two of the most time-consuming processes. Some contractors and agency directors believe systems should be scoped in advance and grounded on a flat rate, while others charge by the hour of their services. Still, if you prefer to work, you’ll need to diligently track the time spent on each design, customer, and task throughout the day. 

Why do agencies need to track their time? 

Tracking your time can be a drag. However, and if you’re having a tough day, time shadowing tools can serve as a memorial of how little you’re getting done, If you’re having a super productive day it can feel like it’s interrupting your way. 

 But, tracking your time is one of the stylish effects you can do for your business. Every hour you capture is another hour you can bill and if you’re running fixed price systems you can identify your most profitable guests and systems.

What makes a great time tracking tool?  

A good time tracking tool helps maintain productivity and make better business opinions. When you understand how people are spending their time, you can make better processes and help brigades further develop their chops. Doesn’t matter, if you are a company or a freelancer, you may want to know the amount you get paid for the work you do. Without a way to stay systematized, you could fluently an hour then and there, which over time results in lower income. 

Key features to look for in time tracking tools include 

Automated time tracking– It’s easy to forget to stop and start time tracking. Automatic trackers cover your work in the background so you don’t need to remember to do anything. 

Integrations– Look for integrations with your favorite design operation tools. 

Tab creation– If you bill by the hour, see if your time tracking app can induce a tab with your hours. 

Intuitive features – Nothing wants a steep literacy wind. Look for drag-and-drop functions and color-enciphered menus to keep it simple. 

Choosing the best time tracking tools for you 

The best time tracking tools for you are determined by your work style and pretensions. Freelancers might only want time and expenditure time tracking tools that automate checks. Alternately, if you’re managing a platoon of contractors, you might need an app with task operation features that allows unlimited druggies. Reflect on your specific work pretensions and which features are most important to your business or platoon.

The most effective time tracking tools that stand out from the crowd and help teams improve time management and work ethic:


Hive combines the features of a robust time-tracking tool and the power of project management software all in one single platform. Hive’s usage of templates allows for excellent and diverse flexibility, the conclusion that users across different firms can make use of everything in Hive’s offering. Hive has more integration possibilities than many other time tracking tools, too.


TimeCamp allows everyone to track time the way they want to. Individuals or firms can utilize what TimeCamp has to offer. The capability of sorting reports generated by billable and non-billable hours derives TimeCamp to be a great resource for freelancers. Managers can also take the help of TimeCamp’s attendance tracking feature and its ability such as easy integration with other popular organization platforms.


Paymo is designed in such a way that a freelancer or an individual small firm or even a big company can take the befit from it for their time and management tracking purposes. Paymo has all the tracking tools that are necessarily integrated into it. Paymo can also be integrated with Hive, in case you need extra project management stuff.


Zoomshift offers a unique and advanced time tracking system that helps you take control over the entire employee timeshifts. It offers nice time management so that activity milestones can be quickly and easily viewed and clients can be served in a very interactive manner. The error can also be prevented using Zoomshift and employees can be blocked from clocking without being scheduled. 


ClickTime has been tracking over 1 billion hours of time and saving its users over 150 million. ClickTime offers different and intuitive, highly customizable time tracking solutions for any company.ClickTime is easy to use for its users and integration friendly. 


Harvest is known for transforming timesheet data into visual reports, an extra unique feature that makes things comprehensive. Harvest allows PMs to decide whether or not their timeframes are double, saving time from a potentially failed.


Toggl has a basic and userfriendly interface, making it a popular choice for those who don’t want an extraordinary dashboard and loves to go straightforward. Their calendar integration feature gives a new aspect to managing a team by schedule. It takes a single click to execute. Google also offers the option to enable notifications that remind users to start tracking.

How to start time tracking?

Many time tracking tools offer free trials, demos, or non-paid versions of their products for new users, making it easy for businesses to test out a few different tools and see which one best fits their needs. Some of these offers even allow a user to invite unlimited team members and collaborators to use the tool during the free trial period. Your time management skills are about to reach a whole new level thanks to these extensive tools that will help you manage projects and track time spent on specific actions. With these professional solutions, even independent users or new startup owners can track time and tackle productivity milestones like the pros.


We strongly support the belief that a strong purpose needs excellent time management. And that’s the reason why we suggest a time tracking tool that helps you keep an eye on employees. There are applications that track cursors and allow tracking movement. However, these ideas have become too old to consider. Things are old unless they don’t have modern monitoring features. Above are our choices of top 7-time tracking applications. I hope this article helped you pick the one.