Sodexo Meal Pass 

An in-depth discussion on Sodexo Meal Pass 

Sodexo meal pass is India’s best-known employee meal benefit solution. Salaried middle-class individuals have always been concerned about their meal expenses. As we have seen, managing meal expenses and groceries often becomes quite a difficult task for a single earning member of a family. An employer who can understand this situation properly can safeguard his employees from such difficulties by reducing the taxes. With the help of a Sodexo meal card, an employer can provide meal benefits to his employees. Before knowing where the Sodexo meal pass can be used let us know some more facts about the Sodexo meal pass. 

Facts about Sodexo Meal Pass 

Sodexo meal pass is basically a tax compliant solution that is provided by large, small as well as medium corporate organizations to its employees. This meal pass is secured digitally with a pin and you can activate it easily on the online portal. The pin will be generated from the user’s side and will be required for transactions. The pin will be known only to the users. It is an amazing solution for increasing the in-hand salary of employees. It will minimize the tax amount that employees need to pay on their monthly income. 

The money that will be saved will sum up to a good amount at the end of the year and an employee can use that for buying groceries and ordering food. When calculated, the amount will be nearly Rs.12000 per employee per year. 

Apart from the tax benefit, the Sodexo meal cardholder will also get great offers across various stores and outlets. These offers are additional savings and they will help you to save up to Rs.8000 per year. So the total amount will be nearly Rs.20,000 per year. 

Therefore you can enjoy using this meal card if you can understand this trick of optimizing tax benefits through this meal card. 

Now we will check how to Use Sodexo Meal Pass on Gropfers, Swiggy, Big basket, and other online platforms. 

Use of Sodexo Meal Pass at multiple online platforms 

This pandemic situation has made digital selling a norm for organizations for reaching out to their customers easily. They are giving a lot of effort into providing a top-quality experience to their customers. And customers are also enjoying the comfort of getting food and other items delivered to their doorstep. 

Thus Sodexo entered the digital space following this trend and it comes with many benefits which can be used for purchasing foods and other groceries both offline and online. 

You will need to activate the meal pass through SMS or any other online medium. The Sodexo meal card has a validity of 5 years and it is basically used for buying various foods and beverages items through Sodexo’s network of registered organizations in India. Sodexo has partnerships with leading online eCommerce companies like Grofers, Swiggy, and Big Basket where you can use this pass for making payments. 

Below we have discussed how to use Sodexo meal pass at various online platforms:

1) Big Basket 

Supermarket Grocery Supplies Pvt Ltd doing its business in the name of Big Basket is an online grocery delivery service in India. Big Basket mainly delivers grocery goods that are found in home essentials and convenience stores. The company was founded in the year 2011 and it has its headquarters in the city of Banglore. Before the covid 19 pandemic, Big Basket was popular but after the pandemic, its popularity has increased. 

People now mostly purchase various grocery goods from Big Basket and they deliver those goods at a very minimal delivery charge at the doorstep of the customers. Here we will check how you can use Sodexo Meal Pass for online shopping at Big Basket:

  • Choose the Sodexo meal pass for making your payment
  • Make sure to inform the delivery agent that you will pay the due amount through Sodexo Meal Card at the time of delivery
  • The delivery agent will share an email or sms to your number, if it is the registered one
  • You will receive a link through the SMS, click on that for loading the sodexo payment page
  • Then enter all vital details like name, card number, CVV number and your PIN for completing the payment process

2) Grofers 

Many people have this question in their mind: do growers accept Sodexo the answer to this question is yes. Grofers prefer to change the retail grocery shopping in our country by accepting Sodexo payments and providing you convenience with great savings. If you make the payments through Sodexo Meal Card on grofers you can avail yourself savings along with buying of god quality products:

Now we will discuss how you can use Sodexo Meal Pass for shopping at Grofers:

  • Install the grofers application or you can or you can also log onto the website
  • On the payment page, select “sodexo meal card”
  • Then enter all the card details and make the payment
  • Atlast you will get a confirmation SMS

3) Swiggy 

Swiggy has recently started a partnership with Sodexo Meal Pass and this has benefitted many users. They can now easily order food from the Swiggy app and make online payments through Sodexo Meal Card. Because of this, many class 4th staff of both small and big corporate organizations are also able to order their preferred food from the swiggy app.

Now let us see how does Swiggy accept Sodexo:

  • Install the swiggy app
  • Choose “Sodexo Meal Card” for making payment
  • Next you will have to enter all the card details for making the payment
  • Then enter the unique pin
  • Then after making the payment you will receive a confirmation SMS 


Therefore we can say that the Sodexo Meal Card is a great solution and a multi-benefit card where a magnetic strip can provide meal benefits to so many people. “Virtual Sodexo Meal Card” and “Sodexo Pay” have arrived for contactless payment in this ongoing pandemic situation.