5 Best Cheap Subwoofer

5 Best Cheap Subwoofer


Do you like watching action flick movies or groove with hip-hop music? Then you should upgrade your audio system with a subwoofer. A good budget subwoofer is like having a live band in your house or the back. You may also get cheap subwoofers for cars to have a great audio experience while going on a trip.

Which are the 5 Best Cheap Subwoofers?

With so many alternatives, selecting the right subwoofer may be difficult. Read on as we have identified the top 5 budget subwoofers in India.

Yamaha NS-SW200 Active Subwoofer 

Yamaha is well-known for its longevity and quality. The Yamaha NS SW200 active subwoofer is one of the best home subwoofers available. Because it is compact and wholly black, the speaker will blend in with your decor.

The speaker is equipped with a PWM digital drive high-efficiency amplifier and YST II technology for powerful bass. The dual feedback circuit contributes to the delivery of clear sound.

For the finest audio performance, the speaker has an 8-inch cone. The twisted flare port removes any external sounds, and the resulting sound quality is excellent.

JBL A1500Hi 1500W Wired Subwoofer

Because of its small weight, this JBL subwoofer will provide optimal woofer efficiency. The Progressive Spider has superior control at excursion limits, resulting in a minor disturbance at high output levels.

This cheap car subwoofer has a sensitivity of 90dB, providing the best bass for the most incredible audio experience. The small tube design of the 12-inch vehicle subwoofer increases its output.

It has a low frequency and a smooth, unobtrusive bass that does not irritate anyone. Your automobile audio experience will reach new heights with a high-quality RMS amplifier. The JBL 1500 watts is an excellent choice for a budget subwoofer.

Klipsch R-100SW Subwoofer

The Klipsch R-100SW is a robust budget subwoofer with a peak output of 300W. The speaker’s design is straightforward, with an all-black matte finish, and the speaker’s construction is solid and long-lasting.

The speaker contains a front-firing 10-inch IMG (injection-molded graphite) spun-copper woofer that produces high-quality sound. 

The speaker has a scratch-resistant textured wood grain vinyl surface and a robust MDF housing. All of these features work together to make it one of the most appealing and best cheap subwoofers.

Sony XS-NW1202S Box Subwoofer

The Sony XS-NW1202S is one of the most powerful and fantastic automobile subwoofers available. It’s a solid box-style best cheap subwoofer with a deep, enclosed body. The 12-inch polypropylene cone of the subwoofer provides strong and deep bass. 

The peak power output of the speaker is 1800W, while the RMS power management is 420W. The rubber casing for the stroke stabilizer reduces noise and provides a superior audio experience.

The subwoofer’s most admirable and significant aspect is that it can fit in cars with limited trunk space, so don’t worry about running out of room in your vehicle.

Pioneer TS-WX300TA Subwoofer

cars. This Pioneer subwoofer is in a tube shape, which increases its power. You’ll get a controller to let you perfect the ratio of the bass to your taste. With the proper bass, the 12-inch subwoofer creates incredible audio.

Since the amplifiers are produced in compact sizes, and the operational amplifier NJM is configured for the analog signal, the subwoofer may create the most outstanding sound and bass with built-in amplifiers.

Another advantage of this subwoofer is its versatility, and you can connect it to many types of car stereos via speaker line or RCA connections. With all these features, the Pioneer subwoofer becomes the best budget subwoofer for cars.


You are not enjoying the music or film in the way that the artist or filmmaker intended when you do not have a subwoofer. A good budget subwoofer relieves your loudspeakers of the hard lifting, thus boosting your total system. One of these five low-cost subwoofers should be part of your automobile or home audio system.