Betting on cricket: popular tournaments, features, tips for beginners

Cricket has an army of billions of fans. Cricket is a traditional British sport, with the first competitions taking place as far back as 6 or 7 centuries ago.

As the British expanded their empire, they brought the sport to many Asian countries. Cricket is now a national sport in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Cricket remains very popular in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England. And if the British are keen on anything, it means betting on it. That’s why the cricket betting slate is traditionally wide and varied.

What cricket tournaments to bet on with bookmakers

The geography of popular competitions is mainly limited to the British Commonwealth. The national championships on which betting is accepted are held in:

  • England;
  • Australia;
  • India;
  • Pakistan;
  • Canada etc.

Recently, cricket has been gaining popularity in the Arabian Gulf countries.

The key international tournaments are the World Cup and the World Championship which are held among men’s and women’s teams. The cup competitions are organised every year.

The most prestigious event is the World Cup which is held every four years. It is just like the world cup except that there are fewer players (10). You can bet for the big tournaments online, for example at 4raBet.

Special features of cricket rules

The rules of cricket are rather complicated for home fans. The game still has many traditional moments that have a negative effect on entertainment. For example, the match time is not limited – it may last even for several days.

Often the winner is not determined by points, but by additional parameters. Even the final of the 2019 World Cup saw a draw between England and New Zealand. And the title was awarded to the hosts on the basis of extra points.

Figuring out all the intricacies of cricket rules is difficult, let’s highlight the key points:

  • on an oval pitch with a track in the middle, two teams of eleven players face each other;
  • the aim is to score more points than the opponent;
  • points are awarded for “runs” (wounds) by the kicking players;
  • the aim of the throwing team is to knock out 10 kickers.

Only after members of the kicking team are knocked out does the period end. This often drags on for 10-20 hours and sometimes longer. A 24-hour match in cricket is therefore commonplace.

The batters are eliminated if the opposing team succeeds:

  • Catch the batted ball on the fly;
  • knock down the wicket;
  • The kicker’s body is touched by the ball as it comes towards the wicket.
  • If a player of the kicking team touches or destroys the wicket during the injury, they are also knocked out.
  • In turn, batters are awarded points for:
  • a run-out – one;
  • kicked out of bounds – four;
  • the ball is knocked out without touching the pitch – six.

The match record keeps statistics for each athlete and, in the event of a score draw, their individual scores are taken into account.

Which markets are represented in the betting table

The bookmaker matches matches coverage differs a lot. It all depends on the prestige of the game, its official status, the tournament. Usually three main markets are given:

  • P1, P2 – which of the opponents will win in the confrontation;
  • odds on points;
  • Who wins the toss – the traditional market in which the odds for both outcomes are equal.

In serious matches, total and individual totals are added. It is also possible to bet on individual rana totals in each individual over (a set of six serves by an individual player).

For the big matches, where the real stars of cricket are playing, specific markets are written down:

  • who will be the best batsman – batting;
  • the best individual partnership results (batting players work in pairs);
  • whether the first wicket in the game will be caught;
  • whether the best batsman will score 50 or more runs;
  • who will score more runs and much more.

Special bets only make sense if you know the rules well and have a perfect understanding of each player’s abilities.

Tips for prematch analysis

To increase the odds of a successful cricket prediction, consider these factors in your pre-match analysis:

Format – often a limited number of overs is part of the rules of a particular tournament, but can also be scheduled due to weather conditions;

  • location – Especially important for international tournaments, home teams feel more confident;
  • squad – success in the game is largely dependent on having the best players on the squad for the majority of the points
  • Match statistics are an important factor when teams with a long history of bitter rivalry meet.

Professional cricket bettors constantly study numerous press and social media reports, news and rumours about the leading players. The motivation of key players, their form and attitude are major factors influencing the outcome.

You will only profit from betting if you really understand the strength of the clubs and the individual skills of the players. To do so, you have to have a real passion for this exotic sport.