Collecta Lifetime Offer: Detailed Review

Stop scattering your inspirational images across Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. Collecta brings all your digital findings to one place. You can save images, gifs, links, and text in a single space. Drag and drop them into Collecta or use the browser extension. Mobile and desktop apps are also coming soon!

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Collect and organize inspiration in one place

Save images, organize bookmarks, and collect references

Best for: Graphic designers, photographers, and product designers


Best for

  • Graphic designers
  • Photographers
  • Product designers


  • GDPR-compliant

What is Collecta?

Collecta is a powerful tool for organizing your digital life. It allows you to collect, organize, and access images, GIFs, links, and text in one place. No more searching through multiple platforms and devices to find what you need. Collecta streamlines your digital collection process.

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Features and Benefits

Collecta offers numerous features to simplify your digital organization. Here’s a detailed look at what Collecta can do for you.

Centralized Collection

Collecta lets you gather all your digital findings in one cohesive space. Bring your inspirations from Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms into Collecta. No more scattered images and links. Everything is in one place.

Intuitive Organization

Organizing your digital artefacts is easy with Collecta. Drag and drop images, GIFs, links, and text into custom collections. Retrieve information quickly and efficiently whenever you need it.

Seamless Integration

Collecta’s browser extension and upcoming mobile apps let you capture and save digital inspirations on the go. Right-click on an image or copy and paste a link, and it’s instantly added to your Collecta collection.

Sharing and Collaboration

Share your collections with friends, colleagues, or the world. Each user has a unique profile to showcase their public collections. Inspire others with your digital curation.

Efficient Workflow

Collecta is designed for speed and efficiency. Bulk selection, search functionality, and intuitive tagging make it easy to organize and manage your digital artefacts. Save time and energy with Collecta.

How Collecta Works

Collecta offers a seamless solution for saving and organizing web content. Capture screenshots of web pages and organize them into collections. Simplify your online resource management. Collecta’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for researchers, students, and professionals to save links and access them with ease.

Streamlined Web Content Management

Save links as previews in the form of cards. Quickly sort through your saved content without opening each link individually. This feature enhances productivity by providing a visual representation of your saved web pages.

Future-Proof Your Web Saving Experience

Use Collecta’s archiving feature to create copies of web pages for future reference. Always have access to valuable online resources. Collecta’s commitment to enhancing user experience and functionality makes it a reliable tool for saving and organizing web content.

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Why Choose Collecta?

Collecta addresses the pain points of digital organization. Here’s why you need Collecta in your life.

Eliminate Digital Clutter

Stop searching through countless bookmarks, scattered screenshots, and disorganized collections. Collecta provides a centralized hub for all your digital findings. Restore order and clarity to your digital workspace.

Enhance Productivity and Creativity

Effortlessly organize your inspirations, references, and ideas with Collecta. Access the information you need when you need it. Spend less time searching and more time creating.

Seamless Collaboration and Sharing

Collecta’s sharing capabilities allow collaboration with colleagues, clients, or friends. Share your curated collections and inspire others with your digital curation. Valuable for creative professionals, teams, or anyone who thrives on exchanging ideas.

Lifetime Access and Future-Proof Investment

Take advantage of the Collecta Lifetime Deal. Secure lifetime access to the platform and all future updates. Your digital collection will be secure and accessible for years.

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Plans & Features

Collecta offers several plans to suit different needs. Here’s an overview of the available plans.

License Tier 1: Basic Plan

Price: $29 (Regularly $80)

This entry-level plan is perfect for individuals who need a reliable and straightforward tool to manage their digital artefacts. Despite being the most affordable option, License Tier 1 provides a robust set of features designed to make your digital life easier.


  • 500 Artifacts Per Month: Store up to 500 digital items, including images, links, and text, every month. This limit is ideal for users who have a moderate amount of content to organize.
  • 20 MB File Limit: Each file you upload can be up to 20 MB in size, accommodating most images, documents, and smaller videos.
  • Add Images, Links, and Text: Easily add a variety of content types to your collections. Collecta supports images, web links, and text, allowing you to gather a diverse range of digital artefacts.
  • Flexible Collections: Organize your artefacts into collections that make sense for you. Use tags to categorize and find your items quickly.
  • Text Search: Use the search functionality to find specific artefacts quickly and efficiently. This feature is a real time-saver when your collection starts to grow.
  • Optional Sharing: Choose to keep your collections private or share them with others. This flexibility allows for personal use or collaborative projects.

License Tier 2: Enhanced Plan

Price: $49 (Regularly $120)

For users who need more storage and slightly enhanced capabilities, License Tier 2 offers an expanded set of features. This plan is well-suited for professionals and enthusiasts who regularly deal with a larger volume of digital content.


  • 1,000 Artifacts Per Month: Double the storage capacity of Tier 1, this plan allows you to store up to 1,000 artefacts each month. This increase is beneficial for users with growing collections.
  • 50 MB File Limit: With a higher file size limit, you can store larger files, including high-resolution images and more substantial documents.
  • Add Images, Links, and Text: Enjoy the same versatility in content types as Tier 1, with the added benefit of handling more substantial files.
  • Flexible Collections: Organize your artefacts into collections with ease, using tags and categories to keep everything sorted.
  • Text Search: The advanced search feature helps you locate your artefacts swiftly, ensuring you never lose track of your digital content.
  • Optional Sharing: Share your collections with others or keep them private. This feature supports collaborative work and personal projects alike.

License Tier 3: Premium Plan

Price: $99 (Regularly $200)

License Tier 3 is the most comprehensive plan offered by Collecta. It is designed for users who need extensive storage and advanced capabilities. This plan is ideal for professionals and organizations that handle large volumes of digital artefacts and require a robust organizational tool.


  • Unlimited Artifacts Per Month: Enjoy the freedom to store as many artefacts as you need without monthly limits. This feature is perfect for heavy users and organizations.
  • 100 MB File Limit: Accommodate even larger files with a 100 MB limit per file. This size is ideal for high-resolution images, detailed documents, and sizable videos.
  • Add Images, Links, and Text: Continue to add a diverse range of content types to your collections, including images, links, and text.
  • Flexible Collections: Organize your artefacts into custom collections, utilizing tags and categories for efficient sorting.
  • Text Search: Quickly find specific artefacts with the advanced search functionality, which is especially useful for large collections.
  • Optional Sharing: Share your collections publicly or privately, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues or showcase your work to a broader audience.
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Deal Terms & Conditions

When you purchase a Collecta plan, you get lifetime access to the tool and all future updates. Here are the key terms and conditions:

  • No Codes, No Stacking: Choose the plan that suits you best without additional codes or stacking.
  • Activation Period: Activate your license within 60 days of purchase.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Flexibility: Upgrade or downgrade between license tiers within 60 days of purchase.
  • New Users Only: The deal is only available for new Collecta users who do not have existing accounts.
  • Fair Use Policy: Unlimited usage is subject to a fair use policy to ensure all users get the best experience.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: There is a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try out Collecta for two months to ensure it meets your needs.

Features Included in All Plans

No matter which Collecta plan you choose, you will get access to essential features. Here’s what’s included in all plans:

Centralized Collection

Bring all your digital findings into one cohesive space. Collecta is your digital oasis where all your treasures reside.

Intuitive Organization

Organizing your digital artefacts is simple. Drag and drop your images, GIFs, links, and text into custom collections.

Seamless Integration

Capture and save your digital inspirations on the go with the browser extension and upcoming mobile apps.

Sharing and Collaboration

Share your collections with friends, colleagues, or the world. Showcase your public collections and inspire others.

Efficient Workflow

Bulk selection, search functionality, and intuitive tagging make it easy to organize and manage your digital artefacts.


Collecta offers robust solutions for organizing your digital life. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or product designer, Collecta has a plan that suits your needs. License Tier 1 is perfect for those starting, while License Tier 2 and Tier 3 provide comprehensive tools for larger-scale needs. With features like centralized collection, intuitive organization, seamless integration, and efficient workflow, Collecta helps you save time, enhance productivity, and streamline your digital life. Choose the plan that best fits your requirements and take advantage of the Collecta Lifetime Deal. Start your journey towards a more organized, efficient, and creatively fulfilling digital existence today.

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