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Big or Small, Fire Safety is for All

Few things may be as terrible as a house fire. There are, thankfully, measures to help prevent them. You can help to lower the risk of a house fire by installing household sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors available at Rohini fire. But first, you must understand the causes of house fires. Our mission at Rohini fire safety private limited is to keep fires from starting.

Most important in the Kitchen Area

The kitchen is where the vast majority of house fires start. That is why, when cooking, fire safety is crucial. Cooking uses an open flame or an electric heating element, both of which can create a fire if handled improperly or unattended. The oven bakes at a high temperature, which can be hazardous. While cooking, never leave the burner or oven unattended. Keep combustibles away from heat sources at all times. For such cautions, there needs to be proper fire safety just like the Rohini fire.

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The Heart of the House: The Living/Family Room

You would not think of the living room as a likely spot for a house fire to start. It all depends on how your family uses this space. The fireplace is probably the most dangerous. A fireplace is safe to use if it is properly attended to and maintained. You must, however, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Only use firewood that has been adequately seasoned for use.
  • Never start or maintain a fire with combustible or flammable liquids.
  • Always keep an eye on your fireplace.
  • Ensure that your chimney is in good working order by inspecting and sweeping it.

The Utility Room

The most important thing you can do at home is to keep your family safe from fire. Fire safety applies to the laundry room as well. Washing machines, on the other hand, rarely cause fires, whereas dryers do. Dryer lint fires should be understood by everyone. Simply clear the lint trap after each use of the dryer and get the exhaust duct cleaned regularly. It is an excellent idea to do it twice a year. Never use chemicals, flammable liquids, or combustible liquids in either appliance.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

The most common form of extinguisher is a dry chemical extinguisher. They work to put out fires by creating a barrier between the oxygen in the air and the fire’s fuel supply, suffocating the flames.

Water mist extinguishers are completely safe to use in the event of a fire. When contamination and cleanup are a concern, they are a feasible alternative to clean agent extinguishers.

Only use water and foam extinguishers to put out small fires. They break up the fire triangle by chilling and suffocating the flames, effectively cutting off the oxygen supply.

Liquid and electrical fires can both be extinguished with carbon dioxide extinguishers.

Combustible metal fires require dry powder extinguishers.

Kitchen fires are extinguished by wet chemical extinguishers. They inhibit re-ignition by eliminating heat from the fire triangle and establishing a barrier between the oxygen and the fuel source. Wet chemical extinguishers can also be used to put out flames in commercial kitchens.


Rohini Fire has you covered whether you need smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or an automatic sprinkler system installed at your commercial site. We have been defending people and property from fire damage for years, and our expertise shows in our work. We are known for our excellent customer service, knowledge, and dependability.