Flatlogic Generator Lifetime Offer: Detailed Review

When coding feels like a foreign language, building custom software becomes a daunting task. But with Flatlogic Generator, creating full-stack CRUD web apps is as easy as pie. This cloud-based app-building solution allows users to select a technology stack, define a database schema, and voilà! The ideal codebase is ready to roll without starting from scratch. Plus, it’s already deployed in the cloud with essential functionality onboard.

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Utilise the potential of AI to generate custom business software and reach MVP in record time. With Flatlogic Generator, you’ll hold onto all the open-source code and retain the freedom to keep developing new features whenever you want.  


Best for

  • Developers
  • Entrepreneur-curious
  • Small businesses


  • Bubble
  • ClickUp
  • Odoo


  • Amazon S3
  • API
  • Calendly
  • Custom API
  • E-commerce


  • AI
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Features and Benefits of Flatlogic Generator:

AI-Powered Code Generation:

Feature: Flatlogic Generator leverages AI technology to automatically generate code for custom business software, eliminating the need for manual coding.

Benefit: With AI-powered code generation, users can save significant time and effort in the development process. Instead of spending hours writing code from scratch, Flatlogic Generator quickly generates the necessary code based on user input, accelerating the development timeline and reducing the risk of errors.

Customizable Solutions:

Feature: Flatlogic Generator offers highly customizable solutions, allowing users to tailor their software to meet their specific business needs and requirements.

Benefit: By providing a flexible and customizable platform, Flatlogic Generator empowers businesses to create software that aligns perfectly with their unique workflows and processes. Whether it’s a CRM system, an ERP solution, or a custom web application, users can customize every aspect of their software to fit their business objectives, branding, and user preferences.

Full-Stack Web App Builder:

Feature: Flatlogic Generator serves as a full-stack web app builder, enabling users to create comprehensive web applications from front-end to back-end.

Benefit: With Flatlogic Generator, users can build complete web applications without the need for multiple tools or platforms. From designing the user interface to implementing database functionality and server-side logic, Flatlogic Generator provides all the tools and resources necessary to develop robust and feature-rich web applications.

Quick Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

Feature: Flatlogic Generator includes features that facilitate the rapid development and deployment of minimum viable products (MVPs).

Benefit: By streamlining the MVP development process, Flatlogic Generator enables businesses to test their ideas and concepts in the market quickly. This allows for early feedback from users, validation of business assumptions, and iteration based on real-world data, ultimately leading to more successful product launches and reduced time-to-market.

AI-Powered Business Applications:

Feature: Flatlogic Generator empowers businesses to incorporate advanced AI-driven functionalities into their software, such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing.

Benefit: By integrating AI capabilities into their applications, businesses can unlock powerful features that enhance user experiences, improve decision-making processes, and drive business growth. Whether it’s automating repetitive tasks, analyzing large datasets, or personalizing user interactions, AI-powered functionalities can provide significant value to businesses across various industries.

Custom ERP and CRM Solutions:

Feature: Flatlogic Generator offers customizable enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, enabling businesses to tailor their systems to their specific needs and requirements.

Benefit: With Flatlogic Generator, businesses can implement ERP and CRM systems that are perfectly suited to their workflows, processes, and industry standards. Whether it’s managing customer relationships, tracking inventory, or optimizing supply chain operations, Flatlogic Generator provides the flexibility and scalability needed to support business growth and innovation.

Admin Panel:

Feature: Flatlogic Generator includes an admin panel application that enables businesses to efficiently manage user accounts, access controls, and data visualization.

Benefit: The admin panel simplifies administrative tasks and empowers businesses to effectively oversee and manage their applications. From assigning user roles and permissions to monitoring application performance and generating insightful reports, the admin panel provides valuable tools for optimizing business operations and decision-making.

How Flatlogic Generator Works/

Flatlogic Generator’s AI-powered platform simplifies the software development process by instantly generating code for custom applications like CRMs and ERPs. Users can go from concept to viable product in weeks, with the AI focusing on the fundamentals to maximize speed and efficiency. Once generated, users can customize the code using flexible workflows to fit their company’s unique needs.

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Why Choose Flatlogic Generator? 

Flatlogic Generator offers a versatile and user-friendly platform for creating web applications and dashboards. With its AI-powered code generation, customizable solutions, and quick MVP feature, Flatlogic Generator empowers developers and businesses to streamline their development process, reach the market faster, and deliver high-quality solutions to their clients and users.

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Plans & Features of Flatlogic Generator:

Flatlogic Generator offers a range of plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of developers and businesses. Each plan comes with a unique set of features designed to empower users to build custom software efficiently and effectively. Let’s explore the plans and their respective features in detail:

License Tier 1:

  • Price: One-time purchase of $49
  • Apps: Includes access to create 2 apps
  • Custom Domain: Users can utilize their custom domain for their applications
  • Source Code Ownership: Users retain ownership of the source code for each app they create

License Tier 2:

  • Price: One-time purchase of $139
  • Apps: Includes access to create 10 apps
  • Custom Domain: Users can assign custom domains to their applications for branding purposes
  • Source Code Ownership: Users have full ownership of the source code for each app, allowing for complete control and customization

License Tier 3:

  • Price: One-time purchase of $349
  • Apps: Includes access to create 40 apps
  • Custom Domain: Users can personalize their applications with custom domains to enhance brand identity
  • Source Code Ownership: Users maintain ownership of the source code for all apps created, ensuring flexibility and control over the software development process
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Features Included in All Plans:

  • 100 Deployments per Account per Month: Users can deploy their applications up to 100 times per month, allowing for frequent updates and iterations.
  • Text-to-App Functionality: Flatlogic Generator offers text-to-app functionality, enabling users to convert text-based ideas and concepts into fully functional applications effortlessly.
  • AI-Powered Analytics: Harnessing the power of AI, Flatlogic Generator provides advanced analytics capabilities to help users gain valuable insights into application performance and user behaviour.
  • Zero-Configuration Hosting: With zero-configuration hosting, users can deploy their applications seamlessly without the need for complex setup or configuration processes.
  • Text-to-Chart/Text-to-Widget: Users can easily convert textual data into interactive charts or widgets, enhancing data visualization and analysis capabilities.
  • CRUD Tool Access: Flatlogic Generator includes CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) tools to simplify database management and manipulation tasks.
  • Commercial Use Allowed: Users are permitted to use the generated code for commercial purposes, allowing for the development of business-critical applications.
  • High-Quality JS Code: The generated JavaScript code is of high quality, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and maintainability of the applications.
  • Downloading and Pushing to GitHub: Users can download the generated code and push it to GitHub repositories seamlessly, facilitating collaboration and version control.
  • AWS Hosting: Flatlogic Generator offers integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for reliable and scalable hosting solutions.

In summary, Flatlogic Generator provides users with a range of plans and features to suit their development needs, from small-scale projects to enterprise-level applications. With its intuitive tools, AI-powered capabilities, and flexible licensing options, Flatlogic Generator empowers developers and businesses to build custom software efficiently and effectively, driving innovation and growth.

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