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6 fool-proof ways to get rid of pests and termites

Termites infestation is one of the most recurrent infestations that we face in our houses. Termites feed on wood and most of the time we are not aware of it until we start noticing the damages caused by them. 

If you think that the damage caused by them is extremely severe, then the best option is to seek help from professional termite control services.

The most suitable conditions in which termites thrive are the decluttered areas, moisture-laden woods that are exposed to the grounds, cracks and holes in the walls of your house.

To prevent termites infestation in your house, here are some of the techniques that you can use. 

Leave a gap between the soil and ground

This technique applies especially while laying the foundation of your house. Use concrete, and leave a gap between the soil and wood. 

This prevents termites from reaching the woods. Make sure to use sealant in the areas where the woods are exposed. Some of the best termite treatments in Kolkata focused on termite-proof home designs include this approach, especially in wetland areas of the city’s outskirts. 

Seal all the tap leakages in the house

As mentioned above, termites thrive in areas where there is moisture. So, make sure that the leakages are all sealed. This is another great way to prevent termite infestation in your home. In fact, professional termite control service providers take this step as one of the crucial approaches to eliminating pests. 

Inspect your house

Make sure to inspect your house repeatedly by probing the holes, and cracks in the walls, if you find one seal it immediately.  Also, declutter your house and get rid of unused wooden boxes. 

 Don’t pile up the firewoods close to your house or unwanted wooden items of any kind.

Don’t plant trees or bushes next to your house.

This is also one of the prime reasons for termite infestation. When the trees or bushes wither or die, it’s a great place for the termites to thrive. If you see termite infestation in this kind of situation, take the matter to the hands of termite control services.

If the trees and bushes are close to your house, then there are more chances for termites infestation in your house.

Check for clogged Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning units 

Clogged vents often attract termites. This is also a major reason for the termites to infest your home because of the moisture. Once they get inside your HVAC unit in the house, they will get to all the corners in your house because it is easier for them to move.

So, regular tuning of your HVAC and sealing the ducts can help you prevent the damage caused by termites. 

Keep the area around your house clean

Keeping your area clean is the best way to keep termites away from your property. Especially wipe the moisture away, and make sure there is no accumulation of water around your property. 

Check if no woods are lying around. Keep the area dry and clean.

These were some of the techniques that will help prevent termite infestation. But if you can’t do anything about the termite infestation situation then, we recommend going for one of the best termite treatments in Kolkata with leading pest control service providers such as Pestico
Equipped with modern sanitary tools, pesticides and disinfectants, termite and pest control experts such as Pestico provides you with the best termite treatment in Kolkata, no matter how severe the termite infestation is.