Hide Posts from Someone on Instagram

How Can You Hide Posts from Someone on Instagram?

Billionsofpeopleareusing Instagram today. It has gained too much popularity in a very short period, especially since the millennials and Gen Z are crazy about Instagram. They are super busy clicking and uploading stuff. Most of the time, it works as a stress buster for them. They post their creative stuff, which is a way to release the stress they feel after school/ office work. And not only young generations but the old generations are also enjoying using social media.

Amazing features of Instagram that make it more unique

Instagram has a lot of features that make it the most liked social media. Instagram allows you to share your photos and videos to make them more engaging and funnier. It makes photo sharing more intriguing with its quality. Not only that, but it also provides filters that make your photos more interesting and likable. However, with all that, privacy is something that is a matter of concern. Sometimes you would not want to share your photos with some specific persons who are on your Instagram. In that case, Instagram provides some privacy features. One of them is the feature of hiding Instagram posts from someone.

Can you hide posts from people on Instagram?

Yes, you can. If you don’t want to post or share a post with someone on Instagram, then you can easily hide it from them. A few basic steps are all you need to follow.

How to hide posts from someone on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t let you hide your Instagram posts for certain followers. But some tips can make your day. Here we will be talking about some strategies and tips that will help you to hide the post from certain followers.

Making your account private on desktop or mobile:

  • Steps start with opening the Instagram app.
  • Enter your login information.
  •  Click the user profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  •  At the top right side of the screen, click on ‘ =.’
  • Click on the setting icon at the bottom side of the menu
  • Select privacy and security
  • Click account privacy
  •  Tap a blue button to private your account. 

Blocking a user on your Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Enter your login information.
  •  Click on the person’s username that you want to hide your Instagram posts from. 
  • Click on the block button.

Muting Followers:

If you don’t prefer blocking, you can also mute someone’s post from your Instagram feed without unfollowing them completely. Follow the provided steps:

  • Open the Instagram app. 
  • Enter your login id and password and click on the login button if you aren’t already signed in.
  • Tap on the follower that you want to hide. You can find users through a search function or by clicking on their username from the follower list.
  • Tap on the button located at the top right of the screen.
  • Tap the mute button.  

Making Close Friends:

You can also hide your Instagram story from someone by creating close friends list by following the steps given below:

  • Open your Instagram.
  • Enter your login information.
  •  Tap the user profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap the = button located at the top right of the screen.
  • Tap the settings on the bottom of the side menu.
  • Select close friends.
  • Enter a friend’s username and press add next to their name.
  • Take a photo or video from your gallery for your story.
  • Tap Send To.
  • Tap close friends only.

What happens when you hide your post from someone?

When you hide your posts from someone, your posts will no longer appear to them. This means anyone who goes to your Instagram feed will not be able to see your posts. However, your posts can still appear in the general Insta feed of the people whom you do follow.

Why do people hide Instagram posts?

Instagram is no doubt a vital platform for influencers and creators. So we can’t deny the fact that Instagram is a business platform, and along with the creators, audiences also play a big role. Instagram users are majority young ones or old ones, your family members or your friends. We can’t deny that different people have different mentalities, and whatever you post is taken differently by them; some appreciate it. On the other hand, some people show negativity and make it a subject of trolling. For this reason, creators or normal users prefer sharing the post in a specific way. Another reason is there are so many people on Instagram who use your photos and create a fake account by your name or another name. Eventually, you are subjected to fraud or blackmailings. So, people keep their accounts private, so only those people can see their photos whom they will allow. Some people don’t want to show their private and personal life to everyone on social media, so they keep their accounts private.

Other hiding features in Instagram

Instagram has many other hiding features like hiding posts. 

  •  You can delete any comments from your post.
  • Hide hashtags.
  •  Hide the number of likes on your post.
  • Hide unwanted tagged photos.
  •  Turn off comments.

You can make your account more private and personal by using some hacks like

  • In the settings menu, there is a “restricted accounts” option, which allows you to restrict any person without blocking or unfollowing the former.
  • Under the Privacy section, there is a “mention” option, which can be turned off if you don’t want interactions or tagging to the post
  • Sometimes unfollowing someone whom you don’t want to see the post premier is the best choice. Later you can follow them back.
  • You can also turn off your activity status.

Conclusion :

Most social media provides some privacy features, be it Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform. Privacy is a part of them, and if you are using it, then you must be at least aware of that. With this article, I am sure you got a briefing on how to hide your post from specific people.