Instagram Hacks for Beginners: How to Get Your First 100 Followers

Get Your First 100 Followers

In this section, you’ll be building the foundations of a house. What I’m going to show you are the “3 hacks” to get your first 100 followers on Instagram, including how to find your first few people who are interested in what you’re promoting.

Every one of the following methods are free, no complicated steps, and highly effective, and just like building a house, each of these tools is built on top of each other. Here they are:

Create Your Email List to Find Your First 100 free Instagram followers trial

You can have up to 10 emails per month, and it’s important to note that you can only send 25 email lists per month. This means, there’s a limit. At least right now. I got to 100 email lists before I had to stop, and I got mine within 3 days.


Put Your Content Out There

After you’ve built a foundation, it’s time to really start marketing your account. You can use tools like Social bakers to analyze your account and get valuable insight into how to get more followers, likes, comments, and engagement.

Every day, you should be posting new content. Post something new at least every hour. When you’re posting content, make it something relevant to your audience, something that helps them.

On top of your content, you should start sharing other people’s content. When someone shares your post and gets a lot of likes and comments, you’re giving them a boost in their confidence. They see that your content is also attracting a lot of likes and attention.


Make It Easy For People to Contact You

Start with a great bio. Include your key phone number in the bio so your contacts can reach you, directly. You can include all social media platforms that are necessary to connect with your target market.

Don’t Forget To Use Your Profile to Promote Yourself

Your Instagram bio is a great opportunity to promote your brand and also to attract the audience. In the bio, make sure you promote your brand using keywords and phrases such as, “follow me to find out how to optimize social media posts to get more followers”, “I have been working on a technique to boost my businesses followers using Instagram” etc.

Promote Your Instagram Ads and hack Instagram followers 10k free

Get your ad products in order. Create a campaign, target audience, and reach out to the targeted users. You should know who exactly is using Instagram.


Take Advantage of Instagram’s New Feature “Instagram Stories”

Instagram has unveiled a new feature called “Instagram Stories” that is the newest on the block around 400 million users posted on Instagram stories in 2018. As it’s not something common, a lot of users are confused about this feature, but once you set up your story, you will notice you never ever run out of content to post on it.

The most popular feature that Instagram currently has in its store is that of its group videos, so make sure to try it out, there’s a no-copout way to use it.

Don’t Be Too Complicated On Your Instagram Profile

If you’re all about taking up more responsibilities of being the Instagram marketing expert, you will have to do something really clever like capturing your witty captions in Instagram stories, instead of copying Instagram’s popular captions in text.


Engage With Others on Instagram

Get good and relevant content to share on Instagram. Figure out what topics your potential followers would be interested in. Look for trending topics, hashtags and discussions, and share related content. This way, you will get a natural flow of engagement, and people will start following you. Also, give them an opportunity to interact with you. Create and engage with a group or a community on Instagram and get free Instagram followers.

It’s important to be a part of everyday life. Social media networks are always changing and evolving, so you have to be with them. Use your free time to meet people and do some great things. Find a side project or a passion project that you can bring to life, make an investment of time into it, and start interacting with your followers.



Social media is everywhere, and there is no end to how many ways it can be used. Since Instagram is so popular, it is probably your most important social media platform to be on. So, you better start using it and start following everyone on Instagram that you can.