Top 5+ Best Jasper AI Alternatives

Since the inception and acceptance of AI in the realm of technology and creativity, marketers, executives, content strategist, writers, and everyone are keen to adopt the best tool that suits their needs.

Jasper AI is the latest AI writing tool for Jasper. It assists in composing quality content in less time. Plus, the content it generates will suit the voice and identity of your brands.

This suite of product includes exclusive features such as template library, writing tools, voice selection for the brands, campaign briefing and Jasper chat.  With the help of this software, you can curate both short-term and long-term copy with readymade templates for blog posts, headlines, Google ads copy and so on.  

Here we are going to highlight some of its best features and why it has make its name among the rivalries.

Jasper AI Features

  • It can generate content within the mentioned word limit and also take specific instructions for title, headings, and descriptions and so on
  • The in-built Google Doc-like interface enables you edit the copy in whichever way needed
  • The rephrase tool allows you to rewrite the sentences to make it meaningful and relevant
  • With this software, you can able to select the tone of the content for generation like formal, educational, informal, and casual
  • A spectrum of templates is there for different content curation
  • The plagiarism and grammarly-integration will assist in checking the plagiarism and grammar of the content to make it perfect for marketing
  • Keyword input tool will stuff the coherent keywords within the content with proper density to make it SEO optimized
  • Lookback feature helps in generating new sentences and words that align with previous sentences or with the topic

Reason to check Alternativs

In spite of having such distinctive properties, many marketers and business owners and content generators need to drop down the idea of using it.

The biggest reason for its downfall is its cost to use premium version. Moreover, the free version is only available with limited features which most of the time cannot serve according to the requirements.

If you are looking for the best alternative to Jasper AI that is cost-effective, here we have mentioned some options for you to choose from depending on your budget and requirements, including other top AI content tools.

Final List of Jasper Alternatives



This AI writing software enables you to create SEO-optimized and high-quality content in less time. This is the perfect tool to steam the content production procedure.


  • Content briefing system to mention the perspective and scope of generated content
  • Feature of content optimization to tally the content with top-ranking ones and make it highly competitive
  • Inbuilt tool for SEO keyword which suggests and determines the relevant ones to place them in the generated content
  • Full document editor to make error-free and high quality copies


  • Automated draft generation to summarize the content depending on their titles
  • Voice assistant and chatbot integration for content creation across multiple devices
  • Keyword optimization


  • Doesn’t possess varieties of templates to generate variety of content
  • The suggestion to improve SEO is generic most of the times and effective SEO expertise is needed for that


Solo- $14.99 per month for each user

Basic- $44.99 per month for each userTeam- $114.99 per month for access to 3 members and additional $25 per month for extra members

frase pricing

Who Can Use

SEO analysts, content writers and marketing executives can use this for high-quality, and SEO-optimized content generation.

Jasper AI vs. Frase

Jasper AIFrase
Rearranging of tweaking the sentences are possibleKeyword optimization
Fast and efficient content generatorChatbot integration and voice assistant
Maximum content lookbackContent briefing system

In contrast to Jasper AI, Frase is more efficient to generate SEO-friendly content, with briefing system and chatbot integration. However, Jasper AI is good to go with when you want to showcase the creativity with AI-backed write-ups.

Copy AI is the AI-powered content generator which emphasizes on composing marketing copies for startups, entrepreneurs, copywriters, and business owners.


  • A myriad of templates along with bio generators
  • User-friendly interface
  • Huge amount of content generation
  • It compatibles with other tools and add-ons


  • Generates good editorial content
  • The freemium version is free for life and premium version gives access to additional features
  • Seamless and best interface


  • Doesn’t support long form of content creation
  • Doesn’t allow export of generated copies into Docs, PDFs and other third-party tools


Basic- $0 per month, with 10 free credits per month, and 100 free credits for the first month

Pro– $49 per month, for unlimited access to credits and creating unlimited projects pricing

Who Can Use

Copywriters, content marketers, and business owners of any kind can use this tool for making copies for marketing purposes.

Jasper AI vs. Copy AI

Jasper AICopy AI
Long-form writing assistantSmooth and simple interface
Full accessible document editorFree version for lifetime
Brand-specific write upGenerates huge amount of content

Although Jasper AI comes with a number of specifications, Copy AI is far better because of the free version for lifetime, unlimited content generation and the easy to browse interface.



Anyword AI is AI-backed copywriting software used for making ad copies. It helps in composing marketing copies like email subject lines, landing pages, blog posts and so on.


  • Customer-centric approach for better quality and add-ons for marketing purposes
  • Readymade content templates for outstanding formats
  • Addition of customer profiles in templates to generate the copy while keeping the audience in mind
  • In-built API for content optimization


  • Predictive score feature to verify the ability of each generated copy
  • Preset keyword library to pre-enter relevant keywords in the copies
  • Excellent user experience


  • No integration with any other tools
  • Huge gap in pricing plans


Starter- $99 per month with access to 30,000 credits and all content creation

Business- $399 per month with access to unlimited credits, website copy personalization, predictive analytics, and score

Premium- $999 per month that covers everything in previous plans along with exclusive features like custom models, brand guideline filters, and more

Anyword pricing

Who Can Use

Email marketers, content marketers, content writers, and bloggers can seek help to generate good-quality content by using this tool.

Jasper AI vs. Anyword

Jasper AIAnyword
Voice commands to instruct and generate contentPredictive score to verify the content
Saves a lot of timeIn-built API for content optimization
Chat supportiveReadymade content templates

Jasper AI equips with more features that helps the marketer and content writer in every possible way to get good-quality content in contrast to Anyword, which has some distinctive features though.



This tool is basically AI-powered and ML-backed writing assistant that helps in generating easy to read, error-free content. It enhances the writing style while making it grammatically correct.


  • Gives robust report on writing
  • Content analyzing feature to enhance the readability
  • Vocabulary checker
  • Better suggestions for good quality content


  • Great for generating and editing both long-form and short-form of writing
  • It adapts individual style of writing easily
  • Delivers 20 reports to improve the write-ups
  • Easy rephrasing feature to enhance readability


  • It is clunky for online writing
  • No clear integration making things quite confused


Free version

Premium version- $30 per month or $120 per year (with 67% savings over monthly subscription fee)

Lifetime subscription- $399 with full access of the tool

You can also add other add-ons which can cost more.

ProWritingAid pricing

Who Can Use

This tool is ideal for book editors, authors, content writers, students, and copywriters for generating error-free and readable copies.

Jasper AI vs. ProWritingAid

Jasper AIProWritingAid
Rephrasing feature with buttons like ‘fix grammar’ and ‘explain to 5th grade’Robust 20 reports to improve the content
Plagiarized report with percentage and matching textRephrasing feature for easy use
Recipes to give keyword which will make into a long-form contentContent analyzing feature

Jasper AI helps the writers and marketers to get access to required features for generating a relevant content of any size and purposes which make it a go-to choice over ProWritingAid.



Writesonic is web-based content generating software to develop product descriptions, articles and marketing copy. It makes use of in-built ChatGPT 4 engine to generate highest standard of copies for marketing purposes.


  • Huge library of in-built prompts
  • It comes with Chrome extension so that you can use it on the web for any purposes
  • AI-powered algorithm to look for opportunities and enhance the writing
  • Different marketing templates


  • Rich text editor for modifying the texts from the app directly
  • It serves as plugins for creating other document products like Zoho Docs, Dropbox Paper and Microsoft Word
  • Multi-language support


  • It lacks from enterprise solution and hence there are limited customizations available
  • It doesn’t support third-party app integration and acts as an independent AI writing assistant


Basic- $15 per month giving you 75 credits and one user seat

Professional- $45 per month and access to unlimited credits, plus one user seat

Startup- $95 per month, which gives you unlimited credit access and two user seats

Agency- $195 per month with four user seats and unlimited credit access

Writesonic pricing

Who Can Use

This tool incorporates digital marketers, content marketers, content strategists, and marketing experts to generate different copies powered by ChatGPT-4 to make it unique and engaging.

Jasper AI vs. Writesonic

Jasper AIWritesonic
AI can take more prompts and instructionsRich text editor to use directly
Google-like interface for editingIntegrated with various plugins
Multi-choice tool to set the toneDifferent marketing templates

Jasper AI is a good choice in terms of the features loaded which can benefit a writer if compared to Writesonic which has some unique features.



Rytr is AI-powered writing assistant that assists in composing marketing copies especially for job descriptions, video channel descriptions, story plots and job descriptions.


  • Content generation at 10x speed
  • Rephrasing and rewriting features
  • In-built story categories and themes
  • Integrated with SEMrush


  • Very easy to use because of minimal design
  • Can generate various versions of AI content to pick from
  • Infused with copywriting frameworks and formulas including PAS and AIDA for developing high-quality copywriting
  • Multiple languages supportive including Hindi


  • Doesn’t support workflow management and in-app collaboration with any of the plans
  • Lacks from features of third-party integration with other marketing tools


Free- $0 per month to generate 5000 characters (between 710 and 1250 words) per month

Saver- $9 per month and enables your use to 50,000 characters (between 7140 and 12500 words) per month

Unlimited- $29 per month that assists you to generate unlimited characters per month

Rytr pricing

Who Can Use

Story tellers, social media influencers, and YouTubers can get proper assistance to make their script and copies using this AI software. 

Jasper AI vs. Rytr

Jasper AIRytr
Generation of predefined end productSupport different languages
Partnership with GrammarlyEasy and eye-soothing interface
Templates to make different copiesInfused copywriting frameworks

Rytr is better in contrast to Jasper AI due to its simple interface and integrated copywriting frameworks for high-quality content.



Amongst all the AI writing software and tools, ClickUp serves as the bridge between AI and project management. It is a perfect companion to rewrite the internal documents in client-perspective and concise manner. Also, the tool incorporates in generating new ideas for event promotions, email subject lines, social media posts, and smart copy. With its AI writer feature, ClickUp offers multiple use cases including blog writing, social media content, web copy, ad copy, product descriptions, emails, and more.


  • Note summarization in ClickUp Doc in no time
  • Can ask question to AI in ClickUp
  • Generation of team updates and personal standups
  • Summarization of Docs, comment threads and tasks
  • Have 100+ pre-made, role-based prompts to use


  • Subtask generation with the help of AI
  • Automation building with the help of natural language
  • Role-specific assistant to write accurate copies


  • You need time to understand the way each feature works
  • Page loading time is slow sometimes


Free version

Unlimited- $7 per month for each user

Business- $12 per month for each user

Enterprise- Contact the team for the cost

You can get ClickUp AI in just $5 for each employee every month

ClickUp pricing

Who Can Use

This tool serves as indispensible tool to project managers, email marketers, content writers, content editors, and marketing executives for generating different copies that serve different purposes.

Jasper AI vs. ClickUp

Jasper AIClickUp
SEO optimizedGenerate subtask
Voice CommandsNote summarization
Time-savvier100+ role-based templates

Jasper AI is much more integrated, time-effective to generate different marketing copies in less time than ClickUp.

10000 AI prompts


Considering the above alternatives of Jasper AI, Rytr is the best one. Although it comes nowhere when it is about features or content quality of Jasper AI, yet it is better in most aspects. Frase and Copy AI are also good substitutions, but if you are looking for a versatile and fast option, Rytr tops the list of Jasper alternatives. However, when you are going to pick anyone from the list, it is important to note that Rytr also offers a free option, making it a great choice for those on a budget. Always go through the features, pros and cons to make an informed decision when choosing the best alternative for Jasper AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jasper AI avail in free version?

Jasper AI has free version which potential users can use for a limited time to get familiar with its features and specifications. So, the free version is not for lifetime and the user needs to switch to any premium version to continue its usage.

Which AI version is far better than Jasper AI?

CopyAI is quite affordable if compared to Jasper AI. Plus, it equips more templates that perfect suit short-form, compelling marketing content. Users can use it to generate quality copies for email marketing and social media posts. Hence, in a bootstrapping budget CopyAI is perfect to meet the marketing requirements.

Jasper AI or Writesonic: Which is better?

Jasper is for those who want to have control on content generation. The premium version comes in a budgeted price making it convenient to use by anyone. On the other flip, Writesonic is an indispensible companion for inexperienced marketers or an aspiring one. Anyone with a very tight budget can reap the benefits of marketing with the help of popular AI writing tool, Writesonic, including its unique feature of custom ChatGPT AI chatbots for enhancing customer support and improving sales conversions. Plus, it easily integrates with other third party tech stacks.

Does Jasper AI use ChatGPT 4?

Jasper AI is one of the few writing tool that makes use of ChatGPT 4. It is the easiest tool to use and loaded with lots of impeccable features that will enhance the copy in just a few clicks.

Is Jasper AI helpful for composing an eBook?

Jasper AI is the ideal partner to create content at 10x speed. Backed by 50+ templates, it streamlines the brainstorming process to compose and market your eBook.

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