Everything You Need to Know About Couchtuner

Couchtuner is an internet service that streams online TV shows. It has a huge user base worldwide since now it has gained great popularity. This platform allows users to watch an extensive collection of TV shows and movies without undergoing any registration process, and at the same time, it does not require any payment. In simple words, to access its content, it is not necessary to have an account. It functioned under several subdomains including .ag, .fr, and .com, throughout its internet activities. 

  • Couchtuners provides many features to their users as they can watch videos in HD.
  • Search the videos by clicking on the search option present there to watch videos for free.
  • Find the videotape complaints in “new release,” “Tv Listing,” etc.
  • Search old shows and ongoing shows.
  • Also, check the TV schedule.

What is the use of a couch tuner site?

In this world of the internet, where you get the best forms of entertainment for free, Couchtuner is the best entertainment service. On the couch tuner, you will find all the top-rated programs. Users can also choose their preferred type according to what they want to see. It also gives you the feature to filter the content using a filter for the preferred genre, language, rating, year of release, and oldest/ newest first and then clicks on submit to proceed to the results.

This site allows users to watch crazy stuff like:

  • TV Shows
  • Podcasts
  • Movies
  • Web series
  • Reality shows
  • Documentations

What is the official name of the couch tuner?

The official website is, which is no longer working. There are working representatives and mirror websites that keep changing their disciplines from time to time. Technically, there isn’t any operational couch tuner official website remaining to access.

Is it legal and safe to consume content on couch tuner websites?

Couchtuner is a pirate site. It keeps on getting blocked and keeps shifting its subdomains to be on track. So technically, it is illegal. In most countries, copyright-protected materials are not supposed to be freely broadcasted without the explicit permission of the copyright owner. If you live in a jurisdiction where the government pursues such matters, a couch tuner gets you in trouble as you are at risk of civil and criminal prosecution. There are results to these problems too.

What is VPN?

VPN, also known as the virtual private network, is a modified network that allows you to use sites and apps that are legal in some other countries and not in yours. It is a tool that can protect you from governmental surveillance, and it can also help you keep anonymous, bringing up security. That is why having a VPN is a good idea when you go to Couchtuner or its substitutes. Not all VPNs support this functionality. Using VPNs for watching streaming videos can be tedious. So, it is better to find a good VPN instead of risking legal issues.

What happened to Couch Tuner?

Since the complaining couch tuner was offering movies and television shows free of cost, the original owners of this content have the right to file a copyright claim against the service. Therefore, it is possible that Couch Tuner has been blocked by your ISP, shifted to a new domain, or gone completely offline because of the violation of copyright guidelines.

Best couch tuner alternative websites name:

  • Couch Hub
  • AZ Movies
  • New Episodes
  • TV Muse
  • Cafe Movie
  • Crave
  • Tubi TV
  • Putlockers
  • Xfinity
  • PopcornFlix
  • Prime Wire
  • Watch Series
  • Soap2 day
  • Just Watch

Are couch tuner alternatives free?

Yes, all the couch tuner alternatives listed above are available free of cost. You can readily access them and enjoy the entirety of their content without spending anything endlessly without having to subscribe to any paid streaming service.

Disadvantages of couch tuner alternatives

You have to use a VPN all the time, as in most countries. It does not have any apps and is the worst thing for smartphone users. The picture quality is not so great because it is pirated and not at all copyrighted. These types of streaming platforms are not at all secured, so there are chances that hackers might hack into the systems.

Couch tuner alternatives are legal or illegal?

They are legal as long as you are viewing movies and television shows within the public domain. Still, if you’re caught bare hand using Couch Tuner alternatives to watch copyrighted content, you might be subjected to legal action.

How to use a couch tuner safely?

Couch tuners may be accessed through several mirror sites. Copyright holders couch tuner program complaints against those cached versions are continually being addressed by UK ISPs and other European ISPs, and they tend to disappear. So, we discovered after conducting a fast web search while connecting to a VPN server for torrenting that it was not located in a nationally recognized site for its strict copyright regulations.

What is the new Couchtuner website?

Because this website was unlawful, several versions of it, such as couch tuner EU or couch tuner retrieve, are no longer available to be penetrated. There are nevertheless a plethora of popular and secure websites from where you may watch programs or motion picture programs online.

Some of the new couch tuner website URL is here:

  • Couchtuner. win
  • Ecouchtuner. EU


Most of the time, entertainment is available at your fingertips with the help of web applications like these. All these websites are active on the list as an aftereffect of extensive research. One of the many issues with the site as many users complain that “it sometimes automatically downloads harmful malware and viruses to the computer,” and there it is good to always keep alternatives handy.

 With millions of titles on each of these websites, you will never find it difficult to catch up with your favorite movie or tv show. We hope this article helps you to know everything you want to know about couch tuners.