50 Best Lifestyle Blog Examples Teach You How to start a Lifestyle Blog

Blogging is a career that needs some most important factors. The major aspects include commitment, discipline, and an eye for detail.

Of all the blogging niches, lifestyle blogging is one of the most competitive, flexible, and easiest blogging niches around. For lifestyle bloggers, there is a wide and varied selection of blog categories and topics to focus on.

In addition, lifestyle bloggers compete against digital lifestyle magazines in a saturated niche. Therefore, lifestyle blogs that gain a huge readership are of a high standard in both design and content. 

Online mages often have big budgets, a print edition, varied and perfectly written digital content, and professional photos.

Besides all this, a lifestyle blog has an edge in that it can supply new content daily. Furthermore, the lifestyle blog post is free, whereas digital magazine editions can only be accessed through paid subscriptions. 

For a lifestyle blog to thrive, the authors must offer excellent, perfect photos that develop an interest and capture the reader’s imagination. So, lifestyle bloggers have raised their standards to compete with the best online mages and other lifestyle blogs.

This short guide will teach you everything you need about lifestyle blogging.

What Is a Lifestyle Blog?

lifestyle blog is an online destination inspired by the blogger’s daily life. Also, their interests and areas of expertise are usually included in more than one niche.

Lifestyle blogs are often defined by their various topics; some blogs may be defined by their interest, like a food blog post. Due to this diversity, there are great niches for parents to get into. However, there are several more overly complicated definitions. Still, essentially if you want to cover more than one niche on your blog, there is an excellent chance yours would fall into your own lifestyle blog category.

For instance, if you want to post recipes and talk about home decoration, you will likely have a lifestyle blog on your hand.

According to Mediakix, a famous influencer marketing agency, a lifestyle blog is a digital content representation of the everyday life and interests of the author. 

In simple words, you can say that a lifestyle blogger creates content that inspires and curates their interests and daily activities.

That is a stuffy way of saying that lifestyle bloggers write about their life. Other than that, there is no real point in defining a lifestyle blog because it is based on your ideas and creative goals. 

Importance of Lifestyle Blog Niches?

It is already a steep climb to support you with a blog post. However, there are thousands of them on the internet, which makes competing as a professional lifestyle blogger challenging. Therefore, choosing one of the best blog niches is very important. Don’t forget that the best blog niche is one that provides unique content for specific groups of people.

Of course, choosing one such lifestyle blog niche can indeed be difficult, especially when you first get into blogging. 

Creating content based on trending niches, finding the most profitable blog niches, and avoiding broad subject matter to increase your chances of establishing good following and monetization opportunities. 

So, let’s see the top lifestyle blog examples before discussing how you can start your blog.

50 Lifestyle Blogs Example to Inspire you

Domain NameAgeTrafficRegistrar
thepioneerwoman.com15 years+13873971GoDaddy.com, LLC
refinery29.com  17 years+7940222Gandi SAS
wellandgood.com  21 years+4083010GoDaddy.com, LLC
downshiftology.com  8 years+3468468GoDaddy.com, LLC
budgetbytes.com  18 years+2850577FastDomain Inc.
brit.co  22 years+1681352.CO Internet, S.A.S.
pinchofyum.com  12 years+1455377GoDaddy.com, LLC
theeverygirl.com  10 years+1157444GoDaddy.com, LLC
goop.com  26 years+799658Amazon Registrar, Inc.
julieblanner.com  10 years+460396GoDaddy.com, LLC
magnolia.com  28 years+448220CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.
abeautifulmess.com  16 years+400192IONOS SE
camillestyles.com  13 years+325576GoDaddy.com, LLC
careercontessa.com  10 years+293196GoDaddy.com, LLC
primermagazine.com  14 years+197661DreamHost, LLC
travelnoire.com  9 years+196629GoDaddy.com, LLC
madamenoire.com  12 years+195751Network Solutions, LLC
elizabethrider.com  11 years+170262GoDaddy.com, LLC
hespokestyle.com  9 years+134564FastDomain Inc.
cupofjo.com  15 years+120199GoDaddy.com, LLC
corporette.com  14 years+113526GoDaddy.com, LLC
thehomeedit.com  7 years+111194CloudFlare, Inc.
iamaileen.com  10 years+102200GoDaddy.com, LLC
theblondeabroad.com  10 years+92778GoDaddy.com, LLC
xonecole.com  9 years+91452GoDaddy.com, LLC
theworkathomewoman.com  13 years+88041GoDaddy.com, LLC
theblondesalad.com  12 years+82600GoDaddy.com, LLC
afoodiestaysfit.com  12 years+56376GoDaddy.com, LLC
thestripe.com  14 years+51844eNom, LLC
witanddelight.com  12 years+51103FastDomain Inc.
cupcakesandcashmere.com  14 years+42711GoDaddy.com, LLC
pouted.com  17 years+39103GoDaddy.com, LLC
onbetterliving.com  8 years+32952GoDaddy.com, LLC
theskinnyconfidential.com  12 years+28781GoDaddy.com, LLC
twinsmommy.com  6 years+27055Internet Domain Service BS Corp
juliaberolzheimer.com  2 years+23046GoDaddy.com, LLC
sincerelyjules.com  12 years+22284GoDaddy.com, LLC
livinginyellow.com  10 years+21263GoDaddy.com, LLC
thebeautydepartment.com  14 years+21044Moniker Online Services LLC
pbfingers.com  12 years+19807FastDomain Inc.
laurenkaysims.com  7 years+18998GoDaddy.com, LLC
ahealthysliceoflife.com  12 years+16051FastDomain Inc.
jessannkirby.com  7 years+15532GoDaddy.com, LLC
heleneinbetween.com  9 years+13325Tucows Domains Inc.
rachelparcell.com  6 years+12145Google LLC
advicefromatwentysomething.com  10 years+10631GoDaddy.com, LLC
justinablakeney.com  13 years+10623GoDaddy.com, LLC
classycareergirl.com  12 years+10364eNom, LLC
careergirldaily.com  7 years+10338123-Reg Limited
vervemagazine.in  8 years+10163INRegistry


image 22

Pioneer women provide great blogs that love to write about food. They only share their leading healthy living experience regarding taste, preparation, and the required time. These millennial women respond excellently to their viewers’ questions and fulfill their requirements using their writing skills. The people who loved the food liked their blogs. The blogger only writes related to food items, nothing more. If you are a food lover and want to cook new items, you must visit this website regularly to get benefits in enjoying new recipes and love the food of your choice.


image 23

Refinery 29 .com is leading as one of the top fashion blogs. They provide you an updated knowledge related to fashion and spoke style. One of the pros of this blogger is that they never compromise on the quality of writing the blog related to any clothing line. The fashion never finishes on the clothes it also includes various things like a house, decorated items in which include furniture chair. The cons of the blogger, they never compromise on the quality, so they also have no issue regarding the price because they know that the best thing will be at the best price.


image 24

Well and good blogger provides you the facility related to the various routine use product which includes cosmetic product more over the blogger also provides you a various knowledge related to latest active clothes as well as many home decor ideas. One of the experience-based artists related to products is so helpful to the product you a true as well as real product knowledge related to the cosmetics.

They are providing knowledge about home decor items that would be washable so you can secure yourself from various diseases as well as helping to keep a neat and clean environment. The blogger provides the knowledge related to the true items. In other words, money never matters to them.


image 25

The blogger of downshiftology.com is a food lover. As well as health is also one of the basic requirements for them. The blogger provides you with various recipes related to the product by using their writing skills. One of the pros is that most use healthy items for baking with a limited oil quantity. Because according to the blogger, oil is one of the most dangerous things for the body. Moreover, they also provide guidelines related to the quantity to take at a time. Most followers liked their food due to the limited quality of oil baker, but the ones who liked the oily food sometimes did not like the recipe.


image 26

The blogger loved to write about cooked food. It includes various cooked as well as baked items—the blogger. The blogger loved to eat sweet dishes and the same taste as spicy dishes. I love to eat so I can guide you about various taste foods. It also includes various dessert items. A mixture of various expensive items only cooks cook items. If you love to enjoy baking items, you must visit this platform. At the same time, if you are one of those who love to enjoy budget-friendly food, you need to be a regular visitor of this website.


image 28

The blogger provides you variously related to beauty, fashion, food, home, swells, various issues, and relationships. Provide you with the latest updated knowledge related to the various items. Items include beauty, fashion, food, home, and relationship. Helpful in solving various routine problems. As well as get the latest update early. Follower thinks that the topic sometimes the provided knowledge is not according to the time. Therefore, you are suggested to visit this website to get various benefits.


image 29

The blogger tells about the various recipe that easily fulfills the stomach in a small quantity. In other, we say heavy food is cooked. Use heavy food to cook that fulfills the stomach with small quantities and is easy to digest. Food may sometimes go too expensive due to various items used. Food lovers must visit this website to enjoy hot, spicy, and new recipes to learn and cook at home. You are suggested to be part of this platform by visiting regularly.


image 31

The blogger of theeverygirl provides you with various knowledge related to the present and future stages. The pros of that are given below. They provide young a guideline related to your career as well as finance. Moreover, the blogger provides you a various knowledge related to life. Bloggers like to write blogs related to the latest fashion, beauty, living style, and wellness related to future relationships and culture. They always share positive things, but the few followers things every time all things are not positive, lifetime negative also affects life.


image 32

The blog features posts that provide you with a guideline related to the after-party skin routine. The adopted routine secure you from various skin problems. One of the disadvantages of this regular cleaning routine is that some start damaging the skin. If you want to be well aware of skin problems, this platform or website will help you in different ways. Therefore, you must visit this website to get benefits related to your skin. Goop is one of the best blogs to help you with your skin and other related problems. 


image 33

The pros of blogger, one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, are that she shares their personal experience regarding the regular life routine tips and sometimes beauty to enjoy with the simplicity on this website. If you visit this website, you will find the regular or routine experience of the author. You can learn different types of things. Furthermore, it includes how to avoid very handy problems that might hurt you. You will be able to learn from their experiences in different things which are related to daily routine and personal development. At the same time, you need to work on it according to the provided details on this site.


image 34

The blog covers various recipes that are easy to cook regularly. One of the pros of the blogger is that the recipes are cooked early with limited items. The cons are that it’s not too tasty as we think by the look. Suppose you love to cook and want to involve yourself in making new recipes. You need to visit this website regularly. Therefore, if you cook any recipe the first time, you should open this site and learn how to cook any recipe step by step.


image 35

The blogger is one of the best craft designers. The pros are that they design the craft at low cost as it is essential to know the cost. You should visit beautifulness if you are interested in any craft design and want to check available craft designs. This website or platform will be very helpful to you if you are looking forward to learning something new here.


image 36

The blogger is an egg lover, so they love to share various eggs, including recipes. The pros are that the egg provides you with vitamins, and the cons, are that some people are not linked to the egg, so they ignore the blogs. You need to visit the website regularly so that you will be able to find something new and interesting regularly. If you find something special, you must share your experience of that on this site.


image 37

Bloggers provide you the knowledge related to the future scope. So the follower can adopt that thing which leads in the future. One of the pros is that few followers do not agree with their thoughts. Everybody is well concerned about their future. It is most of the time helpful to the parents whose children are growing and are very concerned about their children.

They should visit this website regularly. Therefore, it is essential to work on it. If you are willing to learn something new, you need to know about the scope of any field shortly to decide what to do and what not to do easily. 


image 38

This fashion blog provides you with knowledge related to the various men’s clothes, including the latest style of T-shirts and the fashion trends updates regarding men’s clothes at a low cost. This website will provide unique information about men’s clothing, especially the unique designs of the T-shirts. This website is included in the most popular websites, which offer various new and unique designs of men’s t-shirts. Therefore, you need to visit this website regularly to learn about new designs of t-shirts.


image 39

The blogger provides you a great knowledge related to various visiting places that are awesome to visit. Moreover, people like to visit fantastic places on their holidays. Moreover, most places bear too much cost due to their place value. If you are fond of traveling to different places, you must visit this website regularly.

You will find various new spots and travel to that origin to enjoy something new and interesting. Therefore, it is also essential to work on various things you need to know when you are planning to travel to various parts of any country or in the same way you wish to visit various popular spots in the different parts of the world.


The blogger provides knowledge related to women’s regular life routines and lifestyles for a comfortable and satisfying life. This website is very helpful to women, especially if you are on the mend and trying to find something interesting about women. You need to visit this website to learn about women’s routines. You will learn many new things from this website as a woman.

You need to learn from the experience of the different women who are sharing their life experiences and routine. You can get motivation from their daily routine. At the same time, you can also learn from the mistakes they made in their daily routine. So, you should visit this website regularly to improve your life routine.


The blogger provides you with various delicious as well as healthy recipes. That is helpful to generate wellness in regular life. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I have had a positive experience with your website. I started using your platform about a year ago and have grown to be a strong player in the online world. There are no high-pressure methods or illusions with your product – everything is easy and direct. I highly recommend ElizabethRider to anyone looking for an easy and successful online presence.


The blogger provides knowledge about men’s branded clothes and different men’s clothes collections. The collection includes shoes, clothes, perfume watches. This website is a store or platform that provides men with various clothing styles and watches to improve their personalities. Not only clothing designs, but you will be able to work on it in a way so that you can choose the best shoes, watches, Tyes, uppers, coats, shaving creams, men’s perfumes, and sneakers.


image 40

The blogger tells about the 21 family board games that depend on the fun. The blogger provides you a knowledge related to various games in which multiple players have the opportunity to play. You must visit this website to know about family games. This way, you can find more than 20 family games. The not only name you will be able to find that how to play these games. How many members are the minimum and maximum you need to get if you are willing to spend a very entertaining time with your family members at home or in case you visit the farmhouses?


The Corporate blog is related to the fashion and lifestyle blog for women who want to look fashionable. Bloggers provide various knowledge regarding the updated fashion for women. This website is one of the most popular platforms where you can find items related to improving women’s lifestyles. You can find trending fashion and related product items here to improve your looks, beauty, and more. You are suggested to visit this website regularly if you want to improve your lifestyle. At the same, you will be able to find new ideas related to improving fashion.


The blogger provides you with various tips, tricks, and things they love. The blogger provides the knowledge to organize time, self, house, and other things to keep yourself happy. This website is made for the reason that you will be able to learn tips, tricks, and techniques to improve and organize your routine time management. It is very helpful to improve the organizing house and many other things. At the same time, you need to visit things regularly so that you can do various things in no time. We suggest you visit one of the most valuable websites regularly to get benefits.


One of the best bloggers writes various blogs about single women’s travel by providing guidelines and various tips and resources. We have found two positive website review elements from the iamailian website. Firstly, the website offers amazing deals on quality music products, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. Overall, we are satisfied with the overall design and performance of the products offered on the website. This website is also one of the most interesting things you will be able to improve in your life or career as a traveling woman. You will find various deals when planning to travel the same way. You can also avail yourself of the deals while traveling.


The blogger of theblondeabroad.com provides you with various travel bucket updated lists for 2022. Moreover, also provide a guide to starting a successful travel blog. As well as the blogger also provides you with a friendly budget guide. It is an idea to make women travel throughout the region or country. This website will also help you to make them able to make the best regional tourist. Women should make it possible so that they can get various benefits by visiting this website regularly. It is essential to know about what you want to learn or improve in your life if you are found traveling.


The blogger of xonecole.com provides you with a piece of knowledge related to women’s interests, habits, and nature. If you’re looking for a website to help you make decisions about your future, check out xonecole. They seem like a reasonable and honest site, and they’ve got a lot of information to choose from. The downside is that I haven’t tried all of it yet, but it’s been pretty smooth.

If you’re looking for a place to learn about different aspects of academia, then xonecole is a good place to go. They’ve got a wide variety of information on the website, and they’re always updating it. One thing to keep in mind if you’re looking for information about this kind of thing is that xonecole is a single platform, so you don’t have to worry about which articles to read. They’ve also got a lot of content in English, so you’re not going to get lost in all the Latin words and phrases. Overall, xonecole is a good website that you can enjoy.


The blogger of theworkathomewoman.com provides you a various knowledge related to women’s interests to keep them self-stable. In the way to lead own self as the working woman. It does not matter whether that is from the site office or home. Suppose you are a woman and want to know more about what you need to do to make your life interesting.

At the same time, if you are a boy or men, you must visit this website so that you will be able to know about women. Knowing women’s interests, you will be able to impress them in a way they will be attracted to you and can provide you comfort in your life. Therefore, you must visit this site if you are looking forward to impressing girls or women.


The blogger provides guidelines regarding the guidance men and women wear and various face and hair products. If you’re looking for a website to help you find dates and relationships for your sweet tooth, then you need to check out the Blondesalad website! Not only does it have all the top dating sites lined up, but the site also has a really good and helpful section for finding ways to make my life easier.

Plus, if you’re looking for a site that doesn’t quite meet your needs, the Blondesalad website is still plenty stereotyped, but it’s still a pretty good site for finding out about dating. One thing to note is that the site can be a bit difficult to navigate, but overall it’s a decent site.


The blogger provides guidelines about the various food to stay fit and live a secure life. If you’re interested in staying fit and want to do it without all the hassle, then you’ll want to check out the website afoodiestaysfit.com. This website offers various programs that will help you stay fit and healthy without all the hard work. One of the great things about this website is that it offers various programs to choose the best one. You can choose from a variety of different programs, including the following:

  • Lose weight
  • Tone your body
  • Increase your strength
  • Increase your flexibility

So, whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone your body, increase your strength, or increase your flexibility, afoodiestaysfit.com has a perfect program.


The blogger provides you with the latest knowledge related to various styles, new books, and various beauty items and chats. The TheStripe website is a user-friendly platform that streamlines the process of accepting and processing payments. Users can easily complete transactions with a simple navigation system and straightforward checkout process. TheStripe also offers a variety of payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. In addition, TheStripe offers users the option to accept payments in more than 200 countries and jurisdictions. It is a reliable payment platform that offers users a variety of payment options and an easy checkout process.


The witanddelight.com blogger provides tips to organize yourself, your house, and your life. WitandDelight.com is a website that offers a variety of wit and delights, which include jokes, memes, and other funny content. The website says wit and delight are “the ultimate source for funny content, jokes, memes, and everything else fun.” The website provides funny content, including jokes, memes, and other funny images and videos. WitandDelight also offers a variety of jokes and memes related to popular culture, including jokes about celebrities and TV shows.

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At cupcakesandcashmere.com, the blogger provides you a knowledge relevant to various things in life. These include fashion, food, beauty, travel, decor, etc. CupcakesandCashmere is a website selling handmade cupcakes and other sweet treats. It also offers a variety of other sweet treats, such as doughnuts, muffins, and cake pops. The website was created by a mother and daughter team passionate about ensuring that all of the products offered on the website are of the highest quality.

CupcakesandCashmere offers a variety of flavors, and each flavor is made with care and precision. The website also features a variety of toppings, which can be added to any of the cupcakes on the website. CupcakesandCashmere is a website that is perfect for anyone who loves sweet treats. The website offers a variety of delicious cupcakes, as well as a variety of other sweet treats. It features a variety of cupcakes priced at different levels, as well as different flavors and toppings.


The blogger provides knowledge of the home, fashion, interior, travel, technology, and others. A posted website review is a website that is created to allow people to review websites that they have either had a negative experience with or are simply curious about. The website is simple to use and allows users to input a website URL, the review date, and the summary. Once the review is complete, it is automatically submitted to the website and is publicly viewable. A posted website review is a great way for people to share their experiences and provide feedback about websites that they have visited.


The blogger of onbetterliving.com provides knowledge related to better living, travel, food, home, and lifestyle. OnBetterLiving is a website that offers a wealth of information and resources on improving your life. The site is packed with information on health, wellness, finance, education, and career topics. The site offers many resources, including articles, videos, and podcasts. In addition, the site offers a forum where users can discuss topics and share advice. Overall, OnBetterLiving is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their life.


image 41

The blogger provides you with various tips regarding fashion for women. One of the pros of the tip is that its result is excellent, and the cons are that it is too time-consuming. Skinny Confidential is a website that provides information on weight loss and healthy eating. The website has a blog section that advises weight loss and healthy eating. The blog section includes posts on topics such as how to lose weight, how to eat healthily, and how to keep weight.

The blog section also includes a forum where users can share their weight loss experiences and advice. The website provides various weight loss resources, including weight loss tips, recipes, and weight loss videos. The website also has a blog section that provides advice on healthy eating. The blog section includes topics such as how to eat healthily, cook healthily, and eat right. The website provides various healthy eating resources, including healthy eating tips, recipes, and videos. The website also has a blog section that provides advice on stress management. The blog section includes posts on topics such as managing stress, dealing with it, and working on it.


The twinsmommy.com blogger provides you the knowledge that how to start the blog. One of the pros is that the blogger provides a step-by-step course guide. Cons are considered as it is time-consuming. Twinsmommy is a great website that offers a variety of resources for twin moms. The website is easy to navigate and provides a lot of information on topics such as breastfeeding, sleep habits, and family life. The website also offers a variety of resources, such as blog posts, videos, and podcasts. The website is a great resource for twin moms and provides much information on breastfeeding, sleep habits, and family life. 


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The website provides a list of books and articles about bipolar disorder. The website provides support groups and resources for people with bipolar disorder. The website provides a list of resources for people with bipolar disorder. The website provides a list of support groups for people with bipolar disorder. The website provides a list of resources for people with bipolar disorder. The website provides a list of books about bipolar disorder. The website provides information about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and prevention of bipolar disorder. Juliaberolzheimer.com is a website dedicated to providing information and resources about bipolar disorder. 


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SincerityJulie offers various beauty reviews, including hair, makeup, skin, and body products. Julie takes the time to test each product thoroughly and analyze its features and benefits. She also provides tips for using the product and a verdict on whether or not the product is worth purchasing. Julie’s reviews are honest and impartial, and she always provides her honest opinion on the product. Her reviews are valuable for consumers looking for unbiased information on beauty products.


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The website has a great search engine that makes it easy to find the right apartment. The website also has filters that make it easy to find the right apartment for your needs. The website has a search engine that lets you look for apartments by price, neighborhood, or type.


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·         Natural health and wellness tips

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The blogger of rachelparcell.com provides a piece of knowledge about how women dress their home decor ways more over the latest update related to that. A review of the Rachel Parcell website. Rachel Parcell is a freelance writer, editor, and social media manager who has worked in several industries, including marketing, advertising, and publishing. Her freelance writing and editing skills have been used on her website, which offers freelance writing, editing, and social media management services. The website is easy to navigate and well organized, making it easy to find the information you’re looking for.

Rachel Parcell offers various services, including freelance writing, editing, and social media management. She also offers consultancy services for businesses that need help managing their social media accounts. Her skills and knowledge make her an excellent choice for businesses that need help with their online presence. You should check out the Rachel Parcell website if you want help with your online marketing or social media strategy. Her services are affordable and well worth the investment, and she’ll be able to help you reach your goals.


The blogger of advicefromatwentysomething.com guides you about the latest beauty tips and fashion and how to improve yourself to keep yourself self-happy. Advice from a twentysomething is a website that provides advice and information on various topics. The website provides advice on finance, career, and health. The website provides a wealth of information on a variety of topics. The website provides advice on finance, career, and health. The website is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information on various topics. The website is an excellent resource for information on a variety of topics.


The justinablakeney.com blogger provides you with various tips to keep your home organized as well as yourself in a regular working routine. The Justin Bieber website is a fan-based website created to keep track of all of Justin Bieber’s news, updates, and information. A website also allows fans to share their thoughts and feelings about the pop star.

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He first became known as a teen sensation for his role as Justin Chase Bieber on the Canadian television series The Next Generation in 2003. Since then, they have released several successful albums, including My World 2.0 (2010), Never Say Never (2011), and Believe (2012). He has also released several successful singles, including “Baby” (2010), “What Do You Mean?” (2011), “Mistletoe” (2011), “One Less Lonely Girl” (2012), and “Believe” (2012).


The blogger helps you in your week planning and regarding the career start-up and various problems held during life.careergirldaily.com. You will find this website helpful to girls in different ways. At the same time, if girls visit this site, they will learn many things to improve their life.

If you’re looking for a website that can help you maintain your classy look, then you’ll want to check out classycareergirl.com. This website provides a wealth of information on everything from how to style your hair and makeup to how to keep your wardrobe looking its best. Not to mention, the website offers tons of tips and tricks on how to make the most of your lifestyle and look your best. If you’re looking for advice on how to look and feel your best, you’ll want to check out classycareergirl.com


The blogger writes about the career of the girls more than related to their daily routine work and much more. CareerGirldaily is an online resource that provides users with various information and resources to help them with their careers. The website provides various resources, including job postings, career advice, and employer resources.

One of the most useful features of CareerGirldaily is the job search tool. The tool allows users to search for jobs by location, category, and more. The website also provides users with various resources to help them with their job search, including tips for writing a resume, interviewing tips, and more. This website will help most girls boost confidence and solve their routine problems without facing any pressure situation.


The blogger provides you with the latest knowledge related to verve magazine. The magazine includes various women’s fashion styles. Verve magazine is a website that contains reviews of books and other media. The blog section also has a list of books that are similar to the books that are being reviewed. Suppose you try this magazine once you regularly find this interesting type of magazine. Therefore, you must view this magazine at least once. The blog section has a rating system that helps readers decide which books to read. The website has a blog section that contains book reviews.

As you have seen the top lifestyle blog examples and strengths of those popular lifestyle blogs, now let’s go through some practical tips to become successful lifestyle bloggers.

How to Make a Successful Lifestyle Blog?

Make Lifestyle Blog

Learning how to start a blog can be life-changing. Not only would you have the opportunity to share your life experiences, personal growth, passions, and insights, but you would also get to learn a lot from your readers. After all, many blog readers enjoy sharing their takes on particular topics and discussions. Of course, running lifestyle blogs can be a very lucrative endeavor. So, whether you are creating it as a hobby or planning to make it your primary source of income, you have to do it right. Luckily, it is very than you may think. You need some guidance and dedication to master the art of blogging within no time. It will help you to create a successful blog, and you can become the most successful lifestyle blogger. 

Choose Your Lifestyle Niche:

Since lifestyle blog filled with many sub-niches, your blog ideas must focus on activities and interests. It differs from traditional blog niches that focus on storytelling. That’s why; it is an important step in starting a lifestyle blog to choose your niche. Once you have figured out your niche, you will have a good direction for choosing blog post ideas and topics.

Take Your Story Online:

Of course, you have stories to share. In addition, you have small, big, and meaningful stories, but you don’t know the exact steps to take, which makes you hesitant to start a blog. So, creating your blog cannot be very comforting if you have never gone through the process. You need to find the right host, create content and become fluent in SEO. After you are well aware of the process, there is a straightforward path.

There are hundreds of millions of blogs in the whole world. Most active bloggers post at least once a month. The only downside to blogs being so easy to develop and post is that they are all vying for just a limited amount of attraction. Therefore, you must create a beautiful lifestyle blog with insightful content to stand out. Furthermore, it is equally important that you post regularly because the audience is drawn to the newest and most relevant blog posts available. 

Choose A Domain Name That Suits To Your Lifestyle Blog:

Finding a perfect domain name is one of the most neglected steps in starting your career as a lifestyle blogger. Of course, a good domain name makes it easy for you to remember your blog and share it with your friends. Finding that perfect name can be difficult, but it will be much easier if you follow the given steps. 

  • ·         Keep the name short; at least 4 and 14 letters are enough. 
  • ·         Be distinctive and brandable.
  • ·         Don’t add hyphens and numbers because both can be confusing and seem spams.
  • ·         Create a list of keywords, ideas, and seed words. Keep calm, make a mindset, use a thesaurus, and consider your nickname to create a list of seed words.
  • ·         Consider a name that is easy to say and spell. Avoid words and multiple spellings.
  • ·         Hint at the topic the name instead cram a keyword in.
  • ·         Be memorable and catchy.
  • ·         Once you create a good word list, it is suggested to you use a domain name generator for two good reasons. Check Namecheap searchbox for domain availabilty checker.

Choose Platform and Hosting Options:

When you get this into learning how to start a lifestyle blog, it is very important to consider your platform and host options carefully. Keep in mind that there is no shortage of either, and you can also easily find blogging sites for creating successful lifestyle blogs. However, if you want to make money from your blog and need flexibility for tweaking your blog as required, WordPress is a perfect option. Many other options offer a bundle of hosting, domain and editing experience, but their prices are slightly higher and have no dedicated community.

On the other hand, a WordPress blog has two choices, either the .com or the .org approach. There are some suitable differences between the two, but mostly it comes down to .org self-hosting and overall inexpensive. These self-hosted blogs also happens to be the best option for total freedom. It will not only help you to create a high-quality lifestyle blog but also allow you to save money on your blog posts. 

I recommend Bluehost for your new lifestyle blog as wordpress.org also suggest Bluehost as a trusted source of hosting.

image 43

But I also recommend Namecheap hosting as it’ll give you one month free trial so you can start hosting without spent anything .

image 42

Lifestyle Blog and Personal Blog are the Same Things:

Lifestyle and personal blogs are just two of many different types of blogs that you can find on the internet. They can both be a creative outlet for the writer and a means of making money. However, Lifestyle blogs are generally more profitable than personal style blogs. It is because lifestyle blogs have a wider audience, and the content is considered more valuable by search engines and readers. So lifestyle blogs will attract more traffic and provide more monetization opportunities. 

Do Lifestyle Bloggers Make Money?

Of course, starting a blog will not make you rich overnight. It is also a fact that you can make money blogging. Lifestyle bloggers with the right balance of articles combining education and entertainment will crush it financially. Remember that the key to making money with a lifestyle blog is to go beyond the personal diary and post valuable and resourceful content for readers. The best example of how much lifestyle bloggers can potentially make with the right strategy than married lifestyle blogger king and Queen Heather and Pete Reese from it’s a Lovely Life. Many famous blogs make money online using various methods.

Often, this is called “monetizing” your blog. Small but high-quality lifestyle blogs with a specific target audience can easily make a nice side income. Many famous blogs make six or even seven-figure incomes. Here are some of the most popular monetizing methods that most bloggers use worldwide.


Running sponsored content from an advertiser. It is often in the form of sponsored blog posts but could also include social media posts on Instagram or other famous social networks. 

Digital Products:

You will get different benefits by selling digital products, including EBooks, online courses, printables, apps, software, music, and many others. Digital products generally have low overheads and can work for almost any niche.

Physical Products:

These products usually have higher costs as compared to digital ones. Physical products can be the best way to make money. It is easy to add an online store to your WordPress blog and start.

Affiliate Marketing:

Linking to products or services that provide commission when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase. It is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Several affiliate marketing tips and tools available online make it easy for you.


Many people are very good at writing, are photographers, coaches, or have similar types of skills. It can be a great way to monetize a blog. So, if you have one of those skills, you might even start a blog to help you market an existing service you offer, like logo design or freelance writing.

What are the Common Lifestyle Blog Niches?

A host of top blogging niches is especially available for hobbyists and professionals alike. Luckily, most of them can be profitable. Yet, overall, high-quality content and strong SEO are more critical for the success of a blog post than a unique niche. Here, we gather a list by looking into which famous niches are profitable, in high demand, and famous over history.

Art and DIY:

The most famous lifestyle blog niche allows you to express your creativity and imagination to the world. Of course, art is all around us, and many people always seek creative inspiration from bloggers. So, if you are very talented, you could offer tutorials to other people. Many art bloggers create and sell digital copies of their work online or do commission-based services for their readers. In addition to this, they can also promote the art products they use. This affiliate marketing will also help you to earn affiliate revenue. Here are some Art and DIY projects.

Calligraphy, Painting, DIY Crafts, Tutorials, self-care, Sewing and Knitting, Photography, Woodwork, Videography, Design Tutorials, home decor, and Watercolor


It deals with all things that are related to entertainment. So, entertainment is a great niche for creating a blog post if you have a passion for things like music, sports, and TV shows. Most people in the entertainment niche earn their blog income through ad revenue and featuring products related to the entertainment piece. For instance, if you can write an article about “The Walking Dead,” you could become an affiliate for TWD products and features them in your article. Some Entertainment sub-niches are:

TV Shows, Music, Sports, Theater, Magic, Movies, K-Pop, Comedy, Magic, and Games


It is a very vast niche that consists of any sub-niche that is related to the study of nature and its behaviors of nature. Creating a blog post on Science will help you to attract an audience of curious readers. These blogs are helpful for those looking to fuel their brains with new information. There is no doubt that science blogs have a huge readership and tend to generate a high amount of traffic. Many science bloggers generate their blog income through ad programs. List of a few science sub-niches:

Discovery, Physics, Energy, Environment, Astronomy, Geography, Chemistry, and Geography


Anything that relates to information about recent or important events is included in the news niche. If you are always on top of the game regarding the above, consider choosing a new niche to create a blog post about. A perfect news site can help you to generate a ton of traffic and income opportunities. News bloggers’ most famous income sources are revenue from ad networks and renting spaces to other businesses. Few news sub-niches are as follows:

Politics, Business, Health, Entertainment, Technology, Science, Celebrity, and Industry Specific


It is one of the most favorite and top-rated niches. It consists of any topic that relates to cuisine or food. It is a great niche to create a blog post, especially if you have a passion for cooking or trying new delicious recipes in different places. Many bloggers in the culinary side of the food niche sell recipe books or do affiliate marketing for cookware and other cooking utilities. You also have an option to link your blog to a YouTube channel and generate income off of the Google Adsense program. Here are some of the sub-niches.

Food Discovery, Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Baking, Food Culture, Mukbang, Wine, Drinks, Food Photography / Food Videography, healthy lifestyle, and Fine Dining

Product Reviews:

You can be a part of a product reviews niche if you are a consumer of many popular products. You can write a review about a product that you have experienced. In this way, you can also help many readers make purchases. However, product review bloggers earn their income by promoting products through articles. They will write their review and include an affiliate marketing link for readers to click on to buy. In addition, many brands sponsor review bloggers if they have a huge audience. Product review sub-niches include:

Tech and Gadgets, Makeup, outfit ideas, Books, Vehicles, Branded Products, Cool Things, and Toys


It is a great lifestyle blog niche to consider. Parenting is a perfect niche for those who are parents themselves or have lots of parenting experience. Moreover, it is a low-moderate competition niche, so you will get your room to write a blog post around it. One of the most important things you should take care of is hunting for low-competition keywords. Of course, there are many opportunities to make money with a parenting blog, like through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling your products and services. These are some parenting sub-niches:

Advice on raising a child, Support for single parents, Homeschooling Tips, Baby Clothes and Toys, and Home and Garden hacks.


It consists of any sub-niche that is related to technology and electronics. You can choose tech as your niche if you are super tech-savvy and can see yourself writing about it. Many tech bloggers make money by affiliate marketing for the products they write about. In addition, popular tech blogs will often get sponsored by various famous and big brands to promote their products to readers. Tech sub-niches include:

Electronics, Computers, Tech Support, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Innovation, and Computer Science

Business & Finance:

Managing money can confuse many who turn to good personal finance blogs for help. Since finance-savvy individuals usually run them, it is not surprising that there are quite a few of these blogs are in high demand and profitable. In addition, some make tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Finance is undeniably the most popular niche that is not easy to jump into. While you don’t need formal finance-related education, at least you have the skills to handle your own money and unique tips to share with readers. Here are sub-niches of business and finance.

Investing, Entrepreneurship, Frugal Living, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, Business Ideas, Business Tips, and Making money online.

Of course, blogging remains the relevant and accessible way to earn a living anywhere. However, hard work provides bloggers with a rewarding way to enjoy, document, and share their passions and experiences with the world. Fortunately, bloggers can also earn an income from sharing their knowledge and skills. 

How to Find Perfect Blog Niche?

Choosing the best niche for your own blog involves soul searching, self-evaluation, and analyzing trending topics and the public in general. Therefore, you need to ask some crucial questions to find the most popular, profitable niche you will be excited about long into the future. Here is a list of some important questions:

Will you have a love for this particular niche blog topic after you have written hundreds of posts? 

Put yourself in that mentally down the road. In addition, you also don’t want to destroy your love for a passion by turning it into a business.

What are the requirements of workload and resources? 

Undeniably, travel blogging is very expensive and also time-consuming. Instead, sitting at home taking pictures of food and clothing makes for a lifestyle that won’t burn you out.

Do you have profitable monetization opportunities?

Consider affiliate marketing, advertising, partnerships, sponsorships, and course creation. In addition to this, think about it that Are there affiliate programs that pay good money? The answer is quite simple; many affiliate programs take advantage of people with their low percentage.

What’s your passion and interest?

Sports, travel, woodworking, gardening, interior design, and fashion have potential and very profitable lifestyle blog niches. 

How many other people are looking for this type of content?

Keyword research is the best way to find out the answer to this question. Put the keyword in the search bar, and you will get your answer.

Are you sure that your blog ideas offer plentiful content options?

It is a very important question. You must ensure that you never struggle to think of ideas for your blog posts. 

Reasons to Start Lifestyle Blogging:

Wanting to create something meaningful is why people want to learn how to become lifestyle bloggers. Creating a lifestyle blog is one of the best decisions because it helps you how you can earn a living. However, most importantly, it is fulfilling to improve and make a positive impact on other’s life. Here are some of the reasons you should start a lifestyle blog. 

Portfolio Builder:

If your lifestyle blog is a legitimate complement to your professional life, you can add it to the experience section of your resume under “Lifestyle Blogger.” Of course, it is one of the greatest ways to show your experience as a blogger and possibly in many other related areas.

Improve Your Writing Skills:

Creating lifestyle blogs helps you to improve your writing skills. There is a deep sea of topics that you can write about. In addition to your lifestyle blog post, you can practice writing, interacts with your readers, and read the work of other fellow bloggers. All these things will ultimately help you to improve your writing skills. 

Become An Influencer:

As a lifestyle blogger, you can become an influencer and grow a personal brand in your chosen niche. When writing for your blog, you can also write for other famous publications or become a speaker. Alternatively, you can partner with businesses looking to make a difference in your industry. 

Make Money:

Making money is one of the major reasons why people choose to start writing lifestyle blogs. It is because; there are various ways to generate income from your blog post. However, following blog monetization best practices, like affiliate marketing, you can easily make good money with lifestyle blogs

Share Your Opinions: 

Sharing your opinions with an audience of like-minded individuals is one of the major reasons for starting a lifestyle blog. As a lifestyle blogger, you can create content that inspires and curates your daily activities and personal interests for your lifestyle blogs. In addition, this makes a lifestyle blog a perfect tool that allows your voice to be heard.

Talk About Your Favorite Products:

Your blog will likely be highly personalized to your location, stage in life, or life experiences as a lifestyle blogger. Either way, you can also share your opinion on various topics, including discussing the products you like and sharing your opinion with your audience.

Inspiring and Successful Lifestyle Blogs:

The lifestyle blog is the most flexible blog category that tends to blend interests in topics like travel, food, home, decor, mental health, fashion, and beauty. However, the beauty of a blog like this is that it can be about whatever you want. So, if you have a way of living that you think your audience would like to learn how to emulate. It will help you to create a lifestyle blog that bases around it. Even if you already have the lifestyle, it can be tough to determine how to create a blog to match. To help you get started, there are some of the best lifestyle blogs on the internet.

Is a Lifestyle Blog a Personal Blog?

A lifestyle blog is declared the online platform mostly inspired due to the blogger’s lifestyle. It mostly depends on their personal interest and the skill or area in which expertise. Some blogs are defined due to their specific niche, just like a food blog, similarly to a lifestyle blog in which various topics will be defined. Mostly, people like to adopt diversity from various others for the comfort or benefits of life. The content commonly includes various niches, at least more than one, as well as their interest. Therefore, starting with a lifestyle blog that enables you to work on it without too many hurdles is good.

There is various complicated definition regarding this. But whether you are trying to cover more than one niche regarding the blog, you have a good chance you must fall into the lifestyle blog category.

If your interest is regarding the publishing of recipes as well as also want to decorate your home. You can happily lead the lifestyle blog on your hand. A lifestyle blog is one of the best examples of digital content representation related to the author’s life and interest. 

A lifestyle blog is mostly relevant to the person’s life and experiences. In other words, a lifestyle blog is about a person’s life. Rather than that, most life try blogs also depend on ideas and various creative goals. According to Monica at Engine Avenue, nobody can define your lifestyle rather than you. If you are worried about your lifestyle blog or have not decided how to start writing, here, we are providing you with some options to easily select what to write and how to write. 

In the first step, you remember to write daily and make a blog post that attracts others. In this way, you also generate money. Must remember that whatever you are sharing that is meaning full as well as creative. Lifestyle blogs are mostly too long but also interesting to watch as most people run the blog by showing the natural goodness of the world, just like we say blogs regarding the park and malls as well as attractive places. It depends on any rule, and the label of the niches never matters.

Lifestyle or Personal Blogs:

Lifestyle and personal blogs are both different in types. It is one of the creative niches for the writer. In other words, the writer also has the opportunity to generate money in various ways. Moreover, to the latest research results, lifestyle blogs can lead the more profit than e-personal blogs. The reason for this is that the writer has a wide area of the audience to target their requirement similarly due to this content also being considered valuable on the search engine as well as for the readers. Lifestyle blogs easily generate traffic in a short period and also provide the opportunity to 

Due to this overview, lifestyle is considered more profitable than personal blogs as well as I will explore it in more detail below. To explain this, we will also include some of the most popular blogs.

Lifestyle is different from a Personal Stories Blog

To determine which is profitable, we are trying to explain their differences. 

Lifestyle Blog:

Lifestyle blogs tell about the way of living. It only focuses on the specific thing that may be a particular activity or interest, and people are aware of that. The only purpose of this is to share the lifestyle, tell about the various fact, open discussion, sharing various ideas to adopt. The article’s main focus is on the reader, not the writer. For further clarification, just taking an example, the person is living on the Keto diet. They post the article with a mixture of various topics. Topics are relevant to their diet, food, culture, and science. 

Personal Blogs: 

Personal is just like dairy, which depends on the life routine and their own varied life experiences. The purpose is to connect the reader by sharing their feelings and thoughts. The main focus is on the writer’s lifestyle and experiences, not the reader’s.  There are various ways of lifestyle by which the personal blogger can easily make money. The methods are commonly similar but used differently for each style. 


Advertising is one of the best uses to monetize the blog. The blog can be advertised on the network by displaying various ads on the website. In this way, the ad network will pay the owner according to the traffic on the website. The traffic would easily measure by the number of views but also required a higher number of page views every month.  These are the names of the various common advertisement networks which require the minimum page views. In AdSense, the network does not provide the minimum page view on the numeric form. Ezrin: must recommend more than 10000 page views per month, and the network also provides the support to generate the view. It is helpful by allowing you to share on various platforms. According to the media vine’s monthly requirement, 50000 sessions must be provided. 

Ad thrives; ads thrive with more page views per month. The required page views are 100000. 

Blog lifestyles and personal lifestyles can generate money by using the advertisement process. Advertising is helpful to generate the traffic of the audience while generating money. 

Important of the Traffic for the Blogs: 

As we all know, traffic is useful to generate money on the website to find lifestyle blogs. In another word, you can generate more money from the website by using the advertising process. You have a more chance to share on the world wide areas by including own thought. Generating the traffic on a personal blog is too hard because people do not search for that. In another word, we say no one is searching for your blog if you are not providing them through advertisement. 

Unfortunately, if you want to explore yourself, you must have a chance yourself by showing your uniqueness or change. Your higher personal profile or to start living extraordinary life develop their interest.

Search Engine: 

Search engine optimization is one of the effective strategies that help increase traffic to your website. In this, you can easily connect with people who don’t know anything about the website. SEO is one of the best tools that help you reach the first page of google when anyone searches for that. Due to this reason, SEO never considers an easy tool. Moreover, SEO is also lead as an effective tool for the lifestyle blog. The content regarding the lifestyle blog is very helpful in targeting the audience.

It is one of the major tools of google that helps rank the website. Your content provides help to the audience and is relevant to their need related to lifestyle blogs to get benefits for the blogs. So you have a chance to reach it on the first page of the google search. It never means that your blog is not able to generate traffic. It only means you require much effort and time to lead and make money. For easy-earning purposes, you have to use the lifestyle blog.

Content Value:

The content’s value should affect your blog’s ranking level and the reader’s opinion. People want something interesting as well as amazing while reading your article. Whether that information entertains or creates a connection with someone’s life. The lifestyle blog is used to post an informative article by using various styles .more your blog leads the article that would entertain you and allow a reader to connect emotionally. Personal blogs never lead the value to the general public. People only visit various other places to entertain their place or a similar connection sense. 

In various ways, lifestyle blogs lead the content that would be valuable for the reader. The articles are mostly informative related to that as well as provide various answers that may encourage the reader. 

Blog Niche:

The main topic of the blog is known as a niche. The topic depends on the specific group of people. Just take an example, travel or parenting. The blog’s niche is important because a reasonable niche can easily target a huge audience. Their purpose is to generate website traffic, leading to small competition. 

If you consider selecting a popular niche like fashion, you have the best opportunity to target a huge audience. It is very helpful to generate traffic. One of the great demerits of the personal blog. Emotion, as well as experience, never generate a good niche. And you are mostly confused about selecting the niche.

Who is a Lifestyle Blogger?

Lifestyle bloggers related to their interests and daily life routine. Various top lifestyle blogger leads their blog on a specific niche. It depends on the blogger’s interest level. as the traffic started to generate, the audience started reaching very easily. It may depend on the makeup, fashion as well as baking. 

In other words, there is no official definition related to the lifestyle blog. Blogging is a new or unique activity. Moreover, a lifestyle blog considers someone’s regular records, thought-feeling as well, as experiences related to daily life, so in this way lifestyle blog would be. Relevant to the year 2010. This type of blog would lead very successfully, or we consider its amazing start. If the person is spending an ordinary life. Wife in the north is one of the great example examples of that.

Most personal blogs have started recently and it considers a hobby of people. Most people write to enjoy or to increase their followers. In this race, some people jump to generate their income. Moreover, there are various places for the blog post. But you have an opportunity to write on the topic which generates traffic or is helpful for the audience in various ways. Just take an example you can select the topic relevant to

  • Overcome the difficulties
  • Face the challenges. 
  • Tips for weight loss.
  • Issues related to mental health. 
  • Walking at the North Pole. 

These are the most leading topics that the audience demands or searches for.


A lifestyle blog is relevant to life, but it leads in a great way due to your interest while including personal views and thoughts. Little problems will be ignored with the hundred of the happiness of the feeling. Of course, people expect various things from them. Some blogger uses a mixture of life in their blog, which includes every type of situation. It doesn’t matter for it is happy or sad. It would be best if you made it possible at any cost that the reader must be focused on.

A Blog Started with its Niche:

It’s too easy to grab the attention in the huge blogging world with a niche blog. Many lifestyle blogs lead easily due to this advantage. A blogger mostly takes starts with the fitness blog. The move to the advantages of travel including its various weight loss tips. It is better to write relevant to two or three topics. Otherwise, you fail to maintain the audience’s interest in the specific topic. It would be best to start a blog in that niche, such as a lifestyle blog and many others. Furthermore, it will help you clarify things while looking forward to starting a blog.

A Unique Lifestyle Blog:

You also have an opportunity to write the lifestyle blog uniquely. It is possible by changing the writing style or the way you explore. But it will affect your life experience as well as the story. The mixture of topics will help maintain the audience’s interest in the blog more than also help develop your own interest. Always remember that your lifestyle blog should be unique and attractive to the visitors or the traffic. It should be easy to read for the readers. So that we can say it should be friendly to users.

Lifestyle Blog may be Incognito: 

It is hard to lead the topic with the audience initially, but it is not impossible. There are a few bloggers who lead their blogs without sharing their identities. It is better when you start earning from the site than you have the amazing opportunity to explore your identity from the site. Most requirements are your real name and your account detail. 

Tips for Writing a Lifestyle Blog:

A lifestyle blog is one of the amazing ways to share your passion worldwide. You have the opportunity to turn your hobbies and interest into the form of a blogging career. But the question is how you competently start writing the best lifestyle blogs. In the few easy steps provided below, you only have to implement them. 

Select the Niche of the Blog:

Before you start writing the blog, you have to select your niche. You first have to decide your niche. A niche is specifically a topic and the subject of your blog. In other words, it’s a response to the audience about your blog. We all know that lifestyle covers topics related to their regular activities and life routines. We all know that lifestyle blogs never lead to a specific subject. You must write regarding the various topics that depend on your interest. But it is helpful to decide on the specific domain in which to write. For example, life style blog with a dad camp can cover various topics.

Topics may be parenting, travel, and art and crafts for creative and modern parents. You have to make a list relevant to your interest and skill. Then start using the list by selecting 3 to 4 lifestyle blog-relevant ideas or niches. To select the niche, look at the popular lifestyle blog niches. You have various opportunities to select. 

Selecting a Platform for Blogging:

In the second step, you have to select the blogging platform. There is various blogging platform. In which you have the opportunity to select free or paid. When you are first taking a start, so, at that step, you have to use the free blogging platform. Free platforms are various in one of the leading platforms is known as the word press .com, so you can avoid extra expenses. But it also has too many disadvantages. The various disadvantages are given below.

  • The domain is not professional: the hostname in the free blogging platform is joined to your domain name.
  • Limited feature: in the free blogging platform, the features are too limited. 
  • No have the various option to present your blog. You have no opportunity to change its design. 
  • You can be only able to work with the limited feature. 
  • No monetization option: you have no option to generate money from your blog. Suppose you are using a free blogging platform. 
  • No ownership: you do not lead any ownership. Suppose you started blogging on the free platform. The platform also has the opportunity to remove your content any time they wish. If that lead against their rules as well as the guideline. It is one of the reasons to recommend you word press as the blogging platform. 

You will easily apply all these various things using the free platform, just like word press. By the use of the wordpress.org, you have the opportunity to own your blog. You can easily customize it any way you want. You also get various features, and one of the amazing things is that you can monetize your blog. 

In this way, you can easily get a great guide relevant to the difference between the wordpress.org as well as the wordpress.com. Word press org is free, but you are still required to pay for your domain name and the hosting. But you do not need to worry because they never cost you much. 

Unique Domain Name: 

A domain name is what your reader use in the browser to reach your blog. When picking your domain name, make sure that your domain name is unique and different from the others. Moreover, it is easy to spell as well as remember. Selecting a good domain name is time-consuming work as well as irritating. But you have the opportunity to use the domain name as the generator tool. For example, Name Boy.com leads your life in an easier way.  The artificial intelligence of the domain combines various types of words that may be common, random, prefixes, suffixes, and common search keyword. Check out the following tips before selecting a domain name. 

Always use the .com with the domain name. It means you are international, and you have the opportunity to appeal to any geographical location. Never select the domain name too small. It would be best if you chose the name that will lead in the future. Just take an example. Mycollegejourney.com does work after your graduation. 

It would be best if you had to keep it easy and short. In other words, we say easy to spell. I was hoping you wouldn’t choose a difficult name like my time life be. You also have to make it memorable more than unique. For example, the cup of Jo is more memorable than Joanna’s life because that is too easy as well as attractive for the reader.  Now that you have found the domain name, the most important thing to do is register, just like the domain register blue host. In this way, you can easily get a free domain name if you use it. The furthermore discussion is provided in the upcoming section.

Hosting Service Selection: 

In this, you must pick a reliable hosting service for your lifestyle blog. One of the top recommendations for blog hosting is declared as the blog host. It is also recommended by the wordpress.org. The blue host leads millions of websites. Users mostly liked to use this blog hosting service. It provides excellent customer service and is easier to set up than other blog hosting providers.

Lifestyle Blog Design: 

In this situation, your blog is live for the audience. Similarly, it is still not ready for the world yet. You only need to select the theme design to make it too amazing. One of the lucky things for you is that word press provides you with a thousand themes that are helpful to design your lifestyle block on your wish. Word press also provide you with various theme on their page to design your blog below the page. 


Make sure you select a theme that attracts the reader and looks good on the device. If your theme is not responding, it is considered one of the breaks on the mobile device considered as the user’s bad experience.


Selecting mostly and using them with the various features. This feature also slows down your website and distracts your reader in various ways. You must have to select the simple word press blog theme. That is helpful to generate the focus on your content. Therefore, stay focused on the features, most importantly, the simplicity.

User Reviews: 

Before selecting any theme, you must check out the reviews provided by the user. A word press tool may look cool at first visit .but if it is badly designed to lead, it negatively impacts the site and also discourages your reader.

If you look forward to the users’ reviews, you will find that most of the reviews are positive. A few are also negative, but most are positive. It shows that lifestyle blogs are helpful to most customers. Therefore, you can ignore a few negative reviews and focus on positive reviews.