Scalenut Review: Is It Really Worthy?

Are you thinking to take help of an AI writing tool for SEO and content marketing? Well, you can consider using Scalenut. This SEO optimization and research platform is equipped with variety of AI tools for accompanying in research and writing process. It features a powerful AI writing assistant, keyword planner and will rank the content to enhance the SEO score.

Are you worried if Scalenut worthy to use or not? Let’s dive into its eunexplored world and find out the answer.

Scalenut Dashboard

What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is the AI powered tool which will be your companion in boosting the performance of the website, organic traffic and existing articles. This tool is excellent for content marketing strategy as well. It acts as any other SEO tool and the AI version makes use of Generative Pre-trained Transformer Platform (GPT). This bespoke platform helps in extracting competitor research, automating content generation while employing SEO optimization too.

At present, the users of this platform are about 200,000 from the tech giants like Adobe, Microsoft, and Amazon. You will be able to find everything with this tool starting from chat support, content editor to AI templates, outlines, and content briefs.

Who is the founder of Scalenut?

Scalenut was established in 2020 by 2 tech and marketing enthusiasts, Mayank Jain and Gaurav Goyal in Gurugram, India.

Key features of Scalenut

Here are the top features of Scalenut you can use:

  • Cruise Mode
Scalenut Cruise mode

The long-form content writing tool of this software is called Cruise Mode. It assists in writing a lengthy, engaging and informative content in just 5 minutes. You can find the mode under SEO tools with a tutorial video. SEO report gets created using the primary keywords by AI that covers extracted keywords, competitor summaries and SERPs.

Both content and topic can be clarified by prioritizing the NLP to include additional keywords for boosting the SEO score. You can make the title very concise with this tool.

To obtain wireframe of top ranked articles you can do for 30 pieces of content. There is a Question tab for Reddit, Google, Quora. You can also generate writing points depending on the suggestions provided by AI in real time information for making important bullet points of the generated content.

With Add Statistics, SERP research will hover on the quote. If necessary, AI can rephrase the paragraph too. Every process will be finished within 5 minutes. Scalenut incorporates you to keep the content organized, sequential, and numbered. At last preview the entire document and download the draft and export it to Word, HTML, and PDF.

  • AI Writing Tools
Scalenut article writer

With Scalenut AI writing assistant you can generate suggested permalink, meta description, and title within the specific pixels. Instruct tool is there to give your commands for relevant content generation. For any other document, you can make use of Connector for AI write up.

However, it always focuses on niche and stays relevant to it. Sometimes, it re-commands the writer as well for the specific requirement to generate any content. You can use this tool for shorten, expanding, or rephrasing any section of an article or blog.  

  • Content Editor

This feature enhances the content making it more optimized and SEO-friendly. It serves as powerful version of Google Docs and Word while saving the time by providing real SEO score. It enables you to add links and images along with embedded videos for the blogs.

AI templates, Research, Brief, and Optimize are 4 tabs which give you access for the additional guidelines to follow to increase the rank in SERPs. With Competition Overview you can come to know about images, heading tags, and SEO score of the top competitors.

Accordingly, you can do it for your generated content as well. SEO report will deliver the performance of the content against its competitors giving valuable insights to generate better content next time.

However, if you generate AI content with no help from Cruise Mode then still you can improve the score with recommendations. Sizes of the heading, insertion of heading, and text alteration are available too to make the job easier.

  • Content Marketing Tools

It comes with a number of tools to incorporate the content marketers in executing the plans perfectly and quickly. Also it helps in tracking the performance while working on other jobs in the task list.

  • Keyword Cluster
image 43

Topical authority can be developed using this software on any niche and a high chance will be there with relevant keywords for your brand.

  • SEO Score
Scalenut content optimizer

SEO score is available within content editor. It gives the content a measurement against the potential competitors if the content goes live. By considering 9 aspects such as URL, Links, Featured Snippet, Meta Tags, H2-H6 Heading, H1 Heading, Keyword Density, Content Depth, and Keywords it gives the score. Recommended actions will be available in red and it needs to be green to enhance the score by maintaining the parameter.

It searches top 30 URLs to generate your SEO report and let you compare and optimize for better ranking. You can also find Content Optimizer option that functions in the similar manner.

  • Keyword Planner

Keyword planner acts like research tool which makes use of machine learning for topic clustering along with analytics to create a report. Popular topics can be easily found depending on the relevance, CPC, and search volume.

scalenut keyword planner

It is helpful for content strategy for articles and blogs to carve out the niche on a particular topic.  You can check the metrics too of the keywords create the cluster. You can download the report in a CSV file to share with your team members if necessary.

  • AI Templates
Scalenut AI templates

It possesses about 40 AI templates to compose content both in long- and short-form. The templates are in AI copywriter menu. This tool is outstanding for social media posts, email templates, copywriting frameworks, and product descriptions. As per the instruction, AI will set the correct tone for your content. However, it lacks from offering wide range of templates like Writesonic and offering custom-made templates like Frase.

  • Integration

The integration feature of Scalenut is outstanding. It easily goes with WordPress, SEMRush Cluster Booster, SEMRush Keyword Researcher, and Copyscape Plagiarism Checker. Copyscape ensures that the generated copy is original to use by highlighting the plagiarized text from the particular references or sources.

SEMRush gives 2 integrations with keyword research and planner to check which keywords are trending on Google and assists you in clustering level. WordPress enables you to post the content directly from Scalenut. Every integrated app is manageable on dashboard with a click on App Integrations. It offers Chrome extension too for using AI assistant to write an email or commenting on social media platforms like Facebook, X, and LinkedIn.  

  • Customer Support

Online chat support of Scalenut is professional and real-time. You can expect average response within a couple of minutes. Additional support options are also there such as video boot camp, dedicated Facebook community, onboarding help, and email support to assist you in getting familiar with the software.

How to efficiently use Scalenut

  • Multiple robust onboarding processes outperforms other competitors available.
  • Prior to land you to home page, it will start a questionnaire to understand your specific requirements and deliver tailored solutions.
  • It understands your requirements and makes sure that the generated content is quire relevant.
  • In order to obtain far better results you should share more informational and detail to obtain coherent and informative content that meets your requirements.

Which content types can you produce with Scalenut?

While navigating through scalenut, you can realize that different kinds of content can be created in this platform. No matter if it is long-form SEO content or any content inspiration or ideas or product descriptions you can have it all through this AI writing assistant. It has plenty of tools for generating your desirable content.

Who can use Scalenut?

Scalenut is perfect to use for the following professionals:

  • Content marketers

This AI content tool is your all-in-one content marketing app. Besides optimizing and creating content it assists in composing other kinds of content like landing page, video titles, scripts, and product descriptions.

  • SEO experts

It equips with some interesting features of SEO. Besides SEO-friendly content generation, you can compose keyword clustering that accompanies you to rank high on Google.

Clustering of keyword refers to inserting a relevant keyword for the site and the tool returns you with relevant keyword phrases which Google wants you to use in the content for topical authority. You can get access to this feature only in premium subscriptions.

  • Small businesses

Scalenut is really remarkable to assist anyone running solo or small business. It incorporates the business with fast and relevant content creation that resonates easily with the brand. Even it maintains the quality of top copywriter during composing. This option is ideal to compose content in a limited budget and short span of time for their business

Scalenut copywriter

Scalenut Pros

  • AI SERP research- New document with picked up keywords and access to content editor, NLP keywords, 30 articles, in-depth analysis and sourced statistics help to rank on the search engines.
  • Outstanding customer support- Customer service is always available along with email and live chat. Resource hub is also there with video boot camp, help center, and Facebook community.
  • SEO score- Easy high quality content generation with editor featuring grading system and on-page SEO optimization. The in-built SEO assistant provides comprehensive tips for improve the content quality.
  • Cruise mode- Streamlining creation of content powered by AI assistance to enhance content generation productivity. Workflow tool has an outline, brief, and title generator.
  • AI writing tools- Creation of content is easy with the help of the versatile AI-powered tool.

Scalenut Cons

  • Lack from multiple languages- Scalenut lacks from multilingual support. Currently, it is working to add some extra languages like Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, and German.
  • Input needs for AI generated content- Due to backed by AI it generates solid content but not perfect nor ready to publish. So, it deems human editors and writers to make it factually and grammatically correct for fulfilling the quality standards of Google.
  • Hard to navigate UI- The entire structure starting from collapsible menu, dashboard and others are not user-friendly or logical at all.

Is Scalenut-generated content detected by

When you put the generated content in this AI checker tool it can easily detect that the content is completely AI-generated. Even Google can catch the trick. So, it is important that you create the outline and framework and put some human effort to make it original. Remember, Google only values original content to rank it high on their specific search engine. 

How much does Scalenut cost?

image 14

Scalenut premium version comes in 3 tiers- Essential, Growth, and Pro. Each of the plans differs in terms of use limits, benefits, and features

Essential Plan- $39/month with both annual and monthly pricing models

It gives access to following features:

  • Live chat support
  • Email support
  • Specific Chrome extension
  • Shared documents
  • SEO editor
  • NLP keywords
  • SERP analysis
  • 40AI templates
  • 100,000 AI words to generate
  • 5 SEO articles (in cruise mode, both short- and long-form content)

Growth Plan- $79/month with both annual and monthly pricing models

It gives access to following features:

  • Integrations
  • Access to AI settings and unlimited AI content generation
  • Single click WordPress integration to publish on one or more sites
  • Generation of 30 articles each month
  • Optimize 30 audit pages every month
  • Unlocks keyword planner for developing 30 clusters each month

Pro Plan- $79/month with both annual and monthly pricing models

It comprises of features of both Growth Plan and Essential Plan along with the following:

  • Specific CS manager
  • Access to 1 user with $49 per user for more
  • Optimize 75 audit pages every month
  • Assists to develop 75 clusters each month using Keyword planner
  • Generate 75 SEO content every month

Scalenut is available with 7-day free trial. After that, you can use free version with lots of restrictions.

What are some popular alternatives to Scalenut?

Are you looking for the best substitutes of Scalenut? Then these tools can be of great assistance:

  • Frase- Powered by AI to help in research and content generation this tool is an excellent option to choose over Scalenut. The customized AI templates with chatbot feature make it quite unique.
  • SEO Ranking- New features of AI writing, SEO statistics, content optimization, and insights to backlink tracking will improve the articles.
  • Surfer SEO- It incorporates with optimization and content research features to enhance the site ranking, and ROI.


When it comes to selecting a proficient tool which equips with different options for the marketers and creators then Scalenut is inevitable. Moreover, it delivers consistent result that makes it a reliable companion for the marketers, creators and analysts. However, if you are concerned with the price tag that comes along then it is better to use the free trial for a week and decide whether it caters your business needs or not.


  • What is the function or use of Scalenut?

Scalenut is a revolutionary AI writing assistant which emphasizes on catering extended support on SEO as a USP.

Can we use Scalenut for free?

Yes, Scalenut has a free version to use. Yet, there are a lot of restrictions with free version. You can only produce 2000 words each month and hence it is better to get an upgraded version.

Why AI is important for content creation?

AI writing software assists you to combine human brainstorming ideas and make the end results easier and faster. You will obtain basic framework for the article which needs manual touch ups for enhanced creativity and relevance.

What is Scalenut com?

Scalenut com is the advanced platform to incorporate the users with powerful, comprehensive, and optimized content.

Is it good to use Scalenut?

Scalenut is a pure game-changer when it comes to keyword research through SERP and generates AI-powered content. It is excellent for any content developer with tons of options for freestyle and templates to use.

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