Scalenut vs. Surfer SEO which one is best

Are you in roller coaster of 2 trending SEO tools- Scalenut and Surfer SEO and don’t know which one to choose? Each of them has the capacity for catapulting the website to No. 1 in the search engine ranking. While you are in this massive showdown, let us take you on a ride through strengths, limitations and key features of these platforms. It will guide you to pick up the right one amongst the best options in the quest for your online success.


What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is the AI-centric copywriting and content research platform. In 2020, it was first established by two technology and marketing enthusiasts to incorporate in problem-solving so that people can grow in digital world. This tool is the ultimate companion for all your copywriting requirements attaining highest accuracy. It has cutting-edge solution for communication in digital marketing world. 

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What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is cloud on-page optimization tool promoting analyzing and comparing the pages and content with the ranked ones in SERs. It provides data-based analysis and its Content Intelligence Platform binds optimization, creation, and strategy in a thread for seamless experience. With this tool, any business can expand its brand, revenue, and organic traffic. It is under consistent evolution that encompasses your content and marketing strategy for simpler and smarter growth 24/7. 

Scalenut vs. Surfer SEO: Key features

Whilst it is about selecting an SEO tool for your business purpose, key features, pros and cons can assist in making the right decision. Here we will compare how both of these platforms benefit the users in terms of some basic features.

  • AI Content Writing and Optimizing

Scalenut encourages different types of content writing backed by AI. Users can easily generate email newsletters, case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, articles, blogs, and website copies. It can generate the content depending on the target keyword too.

Surfer SEO makes use of NLP (natural language processing) for optimization of the content. It delivers real-time suggestions for heading, Meta descriptions, titles, and more.The content editor tool also provides suggestions to improve readability by modifying specific post elements.

  • User Interface and Experience

Scalenut couples with an intuitive dashboard to access every project easily. The straightforward, organized, and clean UI is very eye-catching to the users. With a simple click a detailed report will be generated for content optimization. It streamlines the optimization procedure with efficiency and users can obtain insights and recommendations embed in the website. Its cutting edge optimization technology accompanies the clients to rank their website on the top of SERPs.

Interface of Surfer SEO comprises of slick themes with key features like metrics, keyword research, and competitor analysis. Newbies may need more time to learn what is located where in the layout. Its interface provides creative freedom to the users. After some time, they can use all the features easily with quick leverage of SEO strategy. It outsmarts the tracking features for both of your competitors’ pages and your pages. Instant SERP change is noticeable for refining the keyword search on search engine.

  • Collaboration and Integration

Scalenut has dedicated user dashboards to keep the team members at one place. It makes easy for them to stay updated with the progress, project-related tasks, and new content strategies. It enables real-time access to information maintaining high standard of transparency to minimize errors and mistakes. Users have a centralized location for a rapid overview of the project at a glance promoting communication and collaboration. 

Surfer SEO integrates with third-party tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics to eliminate the necessity of juggling between tabs for extracting valuable insights regarding performance of the projects. It is quite flexible offering collaborative functionalities. Apart from data-driven insights, you can obtain automated generated report with highlighting on crucial metrics. However, it doesn’t have any centralized dashboard making it inconvenient to use for large projects with multiple stakeholders.  

  • Analyze and Improvisation of Content

Scalenut offers comprehensive research reports starting from readability to word count and to keyword density. Backed by NLP its topic research feature assists to come up with new ideas and then generate SEO-friendly content. It incorporates the users with proper information to understand the result and optimize the content. It has informative tutor to guide the content marketer cadre about SEO basics.

Surfer SEO, on the other hand focuses on gathering data and interpretation of result to optimize the content. It extracts information on competitor performance so that you can use high-ranking keywords for optimizing your website content. Also, it has keyword research tools to look for profitable niches having low competition. It gives a detailed data report of your site——— the site performance with the competitors and it needs a learning curve to understand explicitly. This platform serves more as project manager considering everyone highly experienced and can never derail!

  • Result Comparison and Algorithms

Algorithm of Scalenut makes holistic approach for SEO optimization with the help of AI writing and NLP topic research tool. It can generate research reports on 30 top URLs in a couple of minute highlighting the outlines too. You can generate and fine-tune the article as per suggested SEO requirements too.

SurferSEO’s algorithm narrows down the analyzing to check new areas of improvement, relevant content strategies, assessing existing content and on-page optimization. It makes use of sophisticated algorithms to analyze about 500 on pages giving TF*IDF, keyword usage, and page structure. As a result, the next step can be perfectly identified to rank top in any search engines including Google.

  • Tailored SEO Strategies for Each Tool

The content generation features make Scalenut perfect for organizations which need long-term strategies, high-quality backlinks, and to make the brand! With NLP feature, it helps in figuring out trendy topics, questions and keywords from search engine. AI writing tool will generate the useful and informative content ready to publish on sites.

The suite of SurferSEO delivers instant on-page optimization solution. It assists the marketers or an avid marketer for optimizing the page efficiently without any complex analytics.

Both of the platforms are unique in their own way having strengths and downtime at the same time. These can serve the purposes! So, you need to choose depending on your business goals and priorities. You can focus on long-term and short-term strategies to pick up the right one. Some may thing SurferSEO is good while some want AI approaches made by Scalenut for long-term solution.

Saclenut vs. Surfer SEO: Pros and Cons

Pros of Scalenut


  • Powerful editor- It composes long content and that too in high quality within a few minutes. You can get access to different editing tool for editing the AI content as per the guideline and requirements.
  • Effective SEO reports- Due to the advanced SEO tools deliver well-curated and detailed reports on SEO including preferable keywords and topic clusters.
  • Integration across different platforms- It seamlessly integrates with third-party apps like WordPress, SEMRush, and Copyscape. By this way it enables you to check plagiarism, research keywords, post the content on WordPress directly in a click.
  • Rapid generation- Scalenut generates content very fast. Even its Cruise Mode never delays in generating long content by staying free from glitches and bugs too.
  • User-friendly interface- Scalenut maintains the professionalism with an organized, clean, simple, and easy to navigate interface. Apart from being friendly, the platform is free from glitches and bugs.


  • Lack of history tab- It cannot have auto-save feature for previously curated content. Every time you have to save it manually for future references.
  • Limited use- The usages of Scalenut for social media content and email marketing are quite restricted! You can find only a few options of templates mainly for those categories.
  • No support of tones- Scalenut lacks from the tone support to mold the content accordingly to the requirement.

Pros of Surfer SEO


  • In-built content editor- It has intuitive and easy content editor that assists in including missed terms and topic for generating an intriguing content.
  • Easy content and keyword optimization- The platform comes with content and keyword optimization feature along with editor which comes with premium plan. But it possesses a great worth!
  • Technical and customer support- A dedicated customer support team is always there 24/7 to incorporate the users with their problems and queries. It gives timely, friendly, and professional support with personal touch backed by knowledge base and training videos.
  • Keyword surfer- By using the free Chrome extension it will give you access to get valuable insights like generated lead, PPC, search volume from the browser directly.
  • Content auditing- Content editor with loads of features giving valuable insights to authentic and generate informative content. Auditing features make sure that the content is SEO-friendly and has a good readable score by showing the suggestions to use.


  • AI writing assistant is expensive- It introduces its own AI-powered writer which is quite expensive in contrast to other AI writing tool. You can get AI writing tool as an add-on with other platforms and hence there is no need to pay extra.
  • Irrelevant suggestions- Sometimes, it gives irrelevant suggestions including internal links. Users need to verify and test them. Yet it is better than other available software.

Scalenut vs. Surfer SEO: Costs and Plans


It is available with 4 plans at relatively affordable price than Surfer SEO. The plans are:

  • Free- You can use the free version for lifetime but is very limited!
  • Essential- $39/month or one-man army plan is suitable for freelancers with access to 5 SEO documents with over 100,000 AI words and other features.
  • Growth- $79/month and is ideal for small businesses or startups with limited budget. With unlimited AI words it gives access to 30 SEO documents along other features.
  • Pro- $149/month and you can use this if you own a large agency or company with a team for using it. It gives access to a number of features including 75 SEO documents and unlimited AI words. 

Surfer SEO

It comes with 4 plans which can be billed monthly and annually.

  • Essential- $89/month or $828/year for optimization of 30 articles plus access to 2 additional members
  • Scale- $129/month or $1188/years for optimization up to 100 articles plus access to 5 additional members
  • Scale AI- $219/month or $2148/year for optimization up to 100 articles plus audit access and personalized on-boarding
  • Enterprise- It comes with all features mainly suitable for large agencies with a pool of in-house content strategists, marketing team. You need to contact the seller for monthly and yearly expense.

Verdict Both Surfer SEO and Scalenut are excellent platforms to drive organic traffic. Whereas in some aspects Surfer SEO serves greatly in some areas Scalenut performs way better. However, in contrast to price and catering to businesses, Scalenut is relatively better for the businesses of every size. Since its inception, it is going to become the most preferable AI-SEO platforms globally. For effective, affordable and specification-laden option, Scalenut is the ideal choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platform enables highly advanced keyword research tool?

Surfer SEO comprises of a large keyword database in comparison to any other competitors including Scalenut. It has advanced features to analyze difficult keywords and gives insights in the key insights like user intent, difficulty level and search volume.

Do both of these platforms have a specific feature for on-page optimization?

Both Scalenut and Surfer SEO are powerful to optimize the on-page content. Each comes with some unique features to fulfill specific requirements. Surfer SEO is popular for the ability of advanced content analysis and on another flip Scalenut optimizes the content at scale powered by AI. With Scalenut you can find out optimization opportunities in less time.

Which one of these has good integration with options of SEO tools?

Whilst it is about integrating with any other SEO tools, the winner is Surfer SEO. As per Ahrefs, it supports integration with about 40 SEO tools. On the other hand, Scalenut only supports 20. Integration ability of the Surfer SEO makes it seamless to work with other platforms and tools.

Can Surfer SEO make use of AI?

It leverages the combination of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) with the algorithm of key optimization and state-of-the-art Open AI technology. By this way Surfer SEO encourages the generation of human-like content on scale. 

How Scalenut actually performs?

Scalenut refers to the cutting-edge AI-powered platform that influences in planning, research work, creating and optimization of the content. You can go through its extensive range of features to clearly understand powerful and comprehensive content generation and optimization process.

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