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How To Solve Spectrum App Error Code RLC-1000 

Spectrum App Error Code RLC-1000 is generally shown when you are trying to stream The Spectrum on Roku device and it generally is triggered because of a slow internet connection. It is one of those errors that indicate a problem that the device faces while attempting to establish a smooth connection with its servers. Your connection may display a message like the roku player is not presently connected to the internet, and it may need an Internet connection, therefore you need to set an Internet connection. 

What Causes Spectrum App Error Code RLC-1000?

Spectrum App Error Code RLC-1000 is caused by various reasons. When it comes to new gadgets and Technology, error codes are compulsory as you are going to face them every now and then. But, that does not mean you stop embracing technology and advancements. Every error code comes with the solution and the spectrum app error code is also available with numerous solutions. We have underlined the following along with the solutions on how to fix it.

  • DNS Cache: In some situations, the DNA cache which has been piling up in the router may be the reason behind this error. This might lead to messages like ‘spectrum not working on roku This cache memory stores essential data relating to the router configuration space and they might get corrupted sometimes, hence triggering this error. It is essential that this cache memory is cleared so that the router can easily generate a new one. 
  • Internet connection: Roku needs a stable internet connection for establishing with its servers for being able to stream different content from channels. But, if you have an internet connection that is not stable or is getting frequently disconnected, you might face this error. Apart from that, it is also essential to have an Internet connection providing enough speed for being capable of streaming content at a particular quality. This also might sometimes lead to spectrum error code slc-1000.
  • Outdated channel app: As all the channels are required to be installed on roku for viewing them, they sometimes can get outdated and, thereby stop streaming content. The spectrum channel is no exception when it comes to this and it also requires it to be updated regularly to make sure that the streaming is normal. With time, the spectrum channel app might also get updated and new server configuration may not be supported anymore because of which it needs to be updated.

How To Solve?

There are various causes when it comes to spectrum reference code rlc 1002, spectrum app error code rlc-1000 , spectrum code rlp 1007 , or spectrum error code slc-1000, but knowing the particular solutions can help you solve the issue in one go. Below we are highlighting some of the solutions to resolve this error: 

PowerCycling Devices

As one of the primary reasons for Spectrum App Error Code RLC-1000 is the building up of cache memory inside the devices, you need to clear the cache memory for all the devices within the loop. This will help you get rid of corrupt launch configuration and in the additional elimination of the DNS cache file from the router. Here is how you can power cycle the devices: 

  • Unplug the power from your router, the device and the TV. 
  • Make sure to press and hold the power button on the devices for at least 20 seconds for the charge in the electricity being stored within the capacitors. 
  • Now plug the devices back and turn them on
  • Wait for you to get a grant to the access and check if the problem still persists. 

If you are using the Wi-Fi device for the spectrum, make sure to try another method or our guide to power cycle the router properly. 

Re-Installing Channel

In some situations, the spectrum channel might have remained outdated because of which you might see this error. Automatic updating may not happen for certain channels sometimes and they need you to manually update them. For installing channel you can follow the following steps: 

  • Open the option of my channels tab on your roku.
  • Now come down to the spectrum TV option and press the star button on your roku remote.
  • In all the options that appear in front of you, highlight the remove channel button and click on the ok button of the remote. 
  • Go back to the roku channel store by using your roku remote.
  • Click on the search option and type spectrum TV by selecting the install button.
  • Using the keypad and arrow keys, make sure to sign in to the account. 
  • Choose the I agree option for validating your agreement along with the terms and conditions. 
  • Now launch the channel and check whether or not the issue still persists.

Contact The Customer Support

The problem of the error code can also be associated with service blockage at the roku’s end or it may be due to the lack of customer support from the spectrum channel. Thus, it is suggested that you make sure to check the customer support with Roku and let them know about the exact problem that you are facing. They are going to send an engineer or professional to fix your problem or check for any service blockages available at their end. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the methods that can help you solve Spectrum App Error Code RLC-1000 or the error associated with spectrum not working on roku. We have explained in detail on how to apply three methods and try to solve the problem. Make sure to apply them one by one and try solving the problem with ease. 

Even after trying all the methods, if none of the methods have helped you solve the problem, you can contact our professionals as we help scan the repositories for replacing missing and corrupt files. In most cases, this happens to work but the problem arises due to a system configuration or corruption. Will also optimise your system for the best performance.