The Impacts of School Holidays on Your Child’s Learning

Whether you’ve been struggling with homeschooling during COVID restrictions, or your children have been able to attend regular classes, when school holidays hit, their learning can suffer. 

Known as a learning slide, the decrease in interest in keeping up to date with their studies, impacts their return to the schooling routine. Valuable learning fades as children turn their thoughts to play rather than learning during the holidays. So how can you help your child stay connected with what they have already learned? Private tutoring in Melbourne will help you.

Here are a few tips to help with the different subjects your child is expected to engage: 


  • By reading for just half an hour a day, your child can remain engaged in their reading skills and preserve their language skills.
  • Kids learn best by example, so why not make reading a family activity. It will make reading more enjoyable, and you can improve your children’s comprehension through conversation. 
  • Introduce picture storybooks and read them to your younger children. Encourage them to recite silly rhymes or quotations to improve their confidence in pronouncing words. 


  • English can be confusing, so grammar, spelling, and punctuation can fade. Play word games to increase their vocabulary or ask them to find interesting words in newspapers or books.
  • Get them to record their holiday experiences in a diary to help express their thoughts and feelings. Have fun pretending to be TV announcers and read their stories to each other. 
  • Show them how to do calligraphy classes to improve their handwriting. 


  • Show your children how maths is used in everyday activities such as measuring in cooking, budgeting pocket money, and calculating the time it will take to travel to places.  
  • Get them to memorise multiplication tables and formulas to win a daily prize. 
  • Get them to calculate different objects such as the area of rooms, calculate how many cups are filled from milk or favourite drinks, even work out the volume of a swimming pool. 


While it’s great to create fun at home, you and the children might enjoy having some time apart. Working with a tutor provides interesting holiday activities for your children and takes the stress of devising new activities off your shoulders. Choose a tutoring school with a great history of making leaning fun for your children. Take an active interest in their progress and allow your children to build their confidence in topics where they are falling behind. Using the holiday times to inspire your children so they return to school ready to enjoy their learning. 

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