The Ultimate Christmas After Party Cleaning Checklist

Christmas holidays have always been the biggest celebration in a year by bringing family members, friends together for a cheerful time. Even in today’s busy life this celebration still provides you the opportunity to have some quality and cheerful time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

The smell of freshly baked sweets, yummy hot chocolate, and dazzling decorations all around.

But when there is a celebration, there are cleaning responsibilities as well. Every household wants to have a spotless and welcoming house. With all the other decorations and fun don’t forget the big family dinner and the mess after the big dinner. You must deep clean the house after your guests leave.

Those hosting a big family dinner at home have to deal with after-party cleaning, especially the houses’ carpets and tile floors. When we talk about parties in Australia that means we are talking about drinks, wine, and spirits as well. It is a large part of Australian culture.

How to clean a dirty carpet after a Christmas party

Carpet is something different than a simple cleaning cloth on the floor. So, it is hard to clean a carpet and remove different strains from the carpet. The Christmas party means you have drinks, spicy food, chocolate, gums, and other hard stains that could be hard to remove from the carpet. If you don’t clean your carpet at the right time, it could possibly create a health hazard for you and your family, so the best thing is to clean those hard stains on time with the right detergent.

How to remove different types of stain from carpet?

Wine stain?

As we all know red wine is a basic and common part of most parties and in the same way red wine stain is also very common for carpet cleaning. When you notice a stain on your carpet you must do the following immediately:

At the start, you must clean the extra moisture with the help of a piece of cloth or paper so it can absorb the moisture. We recommend blotting paper for this process. If blotting paper is unavailable, you can use the plan cloth or paper as well.

Secondly, the process you should follow for carpet cleaning is the use of baking soda for wine stains. You must leave it for some time to get it dry and then vacuum it. If you still need further help and assistance you can hire a professional for carpet cleaning.

Chocolate stain?

There are two basic types of chocolate stain: dry chocolate and fresh chocolate. The ways to clean any of these chocolates are as follows.

First, you should gently remove the chocolate material from the carpet with the help of a spoon or similar item. Then vacuum the area properly. Then place the paper towel on the affected area and warm it up with the help of iron. That heating process will help to get the rest of the stain from the carpet and the paper towel will absorb it.

If you think it’s not good enough and need help to get this stain removed from the carpet, there is always a professional carpet cleaner available for help.

Food stain?

There are different kinds of food stains, some of them are easy to remove just with help of baby wipes or wet paper and cloth. But for the other food items like different sauces or some sort of soup are hard to remove. You need white vinegar to remove those types of food stains from the carpet. With the help of cloth, dip into the white vinegar and apply it on top of the affected area. The other way of removing that type of food stain from the carpet is using smelling salt but make sure you use smelling salts before using white vinegar.

Why hire professionals?

A lot of people ask the question: why do you need to hire a professional while you can clean up your carpet yourself? Here are a few reasons why you need to hire a professional for carpet cleaning. As we know professionals got a lot of experience in the workplace, they have been doing this for years, they know which chemical needs to be used for different stains and, they have advanced equipment and machinery which is commonly not affordable for everyone.

·           Advanced machinery.

·           Stubborn stain.

·           Remove bacteria and germs.

·           New technology and methods.

·           Right chemical.

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