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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, creating captivating videos that engage audiences is essential for businesses and content creators. However, the traditional methods of recording, scripting, and editing videos can be time-consuming and require technical expertise. Enter, an innovative platform that harnesses the power of AI-generated talking avatars to streamline the video creation process.

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With, you can use the power of reasonably priced generative AI to produce expert presenter-led videos. Tailor voices, scripts, and avatars produced by AI to easily produce interesting entertainment.


Best for

  • Educators
  • Small businesses
  • YouTubers


  • Canva
  • Synthesia
  • Vidyard


  • GDPR-compliant
  • AI
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Features and Benefits:

AI-generated Talking Avatars:

  •’s AI technology creates lifelike avatars that can speak and present your content.
  • Eliminates the need for recording with a microphone, allowing you to focus on delivering your message effectively.

Pre-designed Video Templates:

  • Access a library of pre-designed video templates for various use cases.
  • Saves time and effort in designing visuals, providing a starting point for video creation.

Multilingual Capabilities:

  • Supports over 125 languages, allowing you to reach a global audience.
  • Enables you to create videos in multiple languages, expanding your reach and tapping into new markets.

Easy-to-use Interface:

  • User-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Navigate through the platform, customize videos, and generate the final product with ease.

Time and Resource Savings:

  • Save significant time and resources with the streamlined video production workflow.
  • AI-generated avatars and automated video creation processes simplify the entire process.

Avatars and Customization Options:

  • Choose from a variety of avatars, including male, female, and custom options.
  • Customize avatar appearance, colours, and styles to align with your brand’s identity.
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How Works: simplifies the video creation process with its intuitive platform:

  • Select Layout: Choose a layout that suits the platform where you’ll publish the video (e.g., landscape for YouTube, square for Instagram).
  • Choose Avatar: Select an avatar from the available options, including male, female, and custom avatars.
  • Customize Avatar: Personalize the avatar’s appearance by adjusting colours and styles to match your brand.
  • Script Entry: Enter your script or utilize AI-generated scriptwriting tools to create compelling content.
  • Background Selection: Choose a suitable background from the provided options or upload your own.
  • Background Music: Enhance the video with background music from various genres.
  • Preview and Generate: Preview the video to ensure everything looks and sounds as intended, then generate the final video for distribution.
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Why Choose

  • Affordable AI Technology: Access cutting-edge AI technology at an affordable price point.
  • Customization: Customize avatars, voices, and scripts to align with your brand identity.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Streamline the video creation process and save valuable time and resources.
  • Multilingual Support: Reach a global audience with multilingual capabilities, supporting over 125 languages.
  • Professional Presenter-led Videos: Create professional-looking videos with lifelike AI avatars as presenters.

Plans & Features:

License Tier 1:

  • Price: $59 (Original Price: $250)
  • Features:
  • 100 photo to avatar-led videos per month
  • 3 minutes HD-quality, avatar-led video minutes per month

License Tier 2:

  • Price: $149 (Original Price: $500)
  • Features:
  • 300 photo to avatar-led videos per month
  • 10 minutes HD-quality, avatar-led video minutes per month
  • 2 custom avatars

License Tier 3:

  • Price: $299 (Original Price: $1,100)
  • Features:
  • 800 photo to avatar-led videos per month
  • 20 minutes HD-quality, avatar-led video minutes per month
  • 4 custom avatars

Deal Terms & Conditions:

  • Lifetime access to and all future Pro Plan updates.
  • Activation of license within 60 days of purchase.
  • Ability to upgrade between 5 license tiers while the deal is available.
  • GDPR compliant and 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Only for new Vidboard users who do not have existing accounts.

Conclusion: offers an innovative solution for businesses and content creators to create professional videos with ease. With AI-generated talking avatars, customizable options, and multilingual support, revolutionizes the video creation process. Whether you’re crafting marketing materials, educational content, or presentations, provides the tools and capabilities to bring your ideas to life. Get lifetime access today and elevate your video content with!

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