WP Security Ninja Lifetime Offer: Detailed Review

Your WordPress website is your online storefront, your creative hub, or your connection to the world. It’s important. But security threats lurk everywhere online, waiting to steal your data or disrupt your business. You need a security guard, and that’s where WP Security Ninja steps in.

Your WordPress website is the face of your brand online, and leaving it vulnerable to security threats is not an option. With cyber threats like malware, hacking attempts, and data breaches on the rise, safeguarding your online presence is paramount. Fortunately, there’s a powerful WordPress plugin that can stop bad actors in their tracks and keep your site running smoothly. Introducing WP Security Ninja.

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Easily install this WordPress plugin to access firewall protection, login protection, and more.

Perform over 50 security tests and fix most issues with a single click.

Best for

  • Freelancers
  • Web design agencies
  • Web designers


  • Webhooks
  • WordPress


  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label
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Features and Benefits:

  • Easy Setup: No coding or complex instructions are needed. Just install the plugin and follow the wizard.
  • Firewall Protection: Block dangerous IP addresses and stop suspicious activity in its tracks.
  • Malware Scanner: Scan your website for hidden threats and malicious code.
  • Event Logger: See everything happening on your website, including login attempts and user actions.
  • Security Report: Get a clear picture of your website’s security with detailed vulnerability reports.
  • One-Click Fixes: Resolve most security issues with a single click, no technical expertise is required.
  • Lifetime Access: Pay once and get protection for your website forever.
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How WP Security Ninja Works?

Getting started with WP Security Ninja is a breeze. Simply install the plugin on your WordPress website and follow the easy setup wizard. No coding or technical knowledge is required.

WP Security Ninja works behind the scenes to keep your website safe. Here’s a closer look:

  • Firewall: A powerful firewall constantly monitors incoming traffic to your website. It blocks malicious IP addresses and suspicious activity before they can cause any harm. The database of threats is updated daily to ensure you have the latest protection.
  • Login Protection: WP Security Ninja adds an extra layer of security to your login page. You can set rules to automatically ban users after a certain number of failed login attempts, making it harder for hackers to gain access.
  • Malware Scanner: Regularly scan your website for hidden threats like malware and malicious code. WP Security Ninja will identify these threats and allow you to remove them with a single click.
  • Event Logger: Keep track of everything happening on your website. The event logger records all user actions, including login attempts, file changes, and more. This allows you to identify suspicious behaviour and take action quickly.
  • Security Report: Get a comprehensive report on your website’s security. The report details any vulnerabilities found and prioritizes them based on severity. This helps you focus on the most critical issues first.
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Why Choose WP Security Ninja?

There are many security plugins available for WordPress, but WP Security Ninja offers several advantages:

  • Easy to Use: No complex configuration or technical knowledge required.
  • Powerful Protection: Advanced features like a firewall, malware scanner, and event logger keep your website safe from a wide range of threats.
  • One-Click Fixes: Resolve most security issues with a single click, saving you time and frustration.
  • Lifetime Access: Pay once and get protection for your website forever. No need to worry about renewing subscriptions.
  • Affordable: WP Security Ninja is available for a one-time fee, making it an excellent value for your money.
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Plans & Features

WP Security Ninja offers three tiers of service, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs. All plans include the core features mentioned above.

Deal Terms & Conditions:

  • Lifetime access to WP Security Ninja for the chosen plan.
  • All future updates are included in the Plus Plan.
  • No codes or stacking is required.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Must activate your license within 60 days of purchase.
  • Only for new WP Security Ninja users.

Features Included in All Plans:

  • Easy start wizard
  • Firewall protection
  • Easy fixes
  • Malware scanner
  • Events logger
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WP Security Ninja Plans Overview:

Here’s a quick breakdown of the three WP Security Ninja plans:

  • License Tier 1 ($39): Protects one website. Ideal for personal websites, blogs, or small businesses.
  • License Tier 2 ($99): Protects up to five websites. Perfect for freelancers, web designers, or small agencies.
  • License Tier 3 ($199): Protects up to 20 websites. Ideal for web design agencies or businesses with multiple websites. (Plus White Labeling) White labelling allows you to rebrand the plugin with your own logo and company name.

License Tier 1: ($39)

This plan is ideal for:

  • Personal websites
  • Blogs
  • Small businesses

With one license, you can protect a single website. This plan offers all the core features of

WP Security Ninja, including:

  • Easy setup wizard for a quick start.
  • Powerful firewall to block hackers and suspicious activity.
  • Malware scanner to identify and remove hidden threats.
  • Event logger to track all activity on your website.
  • Security report to understand your website’s vulnerabilities.
  • One-click fixes to resolve most security issues easily.

License Tier 2: ($99)

This plan is ideal for:

  • Freelancers
  • Web designers
  • Small agencies

With five licenses, you can protect up to five websites. This plan is perfect for those who manage multiple websites for clients or their businesses. It includes all the features of License Tier 1, plus the ability to protect more websites.

License Tier 3: ($199)

This plan is ideal for:

  • Web design agencies
  • Businesses with multiple websites

With 20 licenses, you can protect up to 20 websites. This plan is designed for agencies or businesses that manage a large number of websites. In addition to all the features of the other plans, License Tier 3 also includes:

White Labeling: Rebrand the WP Security Ninja plugin with your own logo and company name. This is a great way to offer security services to your clients under your brand.


Your WordPress website is a valuable asset. Don’t leave it vulnerable to cyberattacks. WP Security Ninja is an easy-to-use and affordable solution that can protect your website from a wide range of threats. With its powerful features and lifetime access, WP Security Ninja gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on running your website.

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