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Why contribute to LicensetoBlog.com?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is you will love to Write for Us. Still in doubt? Throw your glance at the following points. Once you are done with, you already have all doubts cleared.

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    Points to Remember before You Write for Us

    You might be wondering what these important points could be. These are nothing new if you already know the rules to follow for publishing a great content on the internet. Submitting a guest post on LicensetoBlog.com is super easy. Just keep in mind that whatever content you submit must be original, grammatically correct and factually authentic as we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality on our platform. Followings are some important points to remember whenever you post your contents here:

    Article Length: Quality of article is the top priority for us. Irrelevant or incomplete information is just like half-baked truth and so, no one loves reading it. You have to create an original piece and provide accurate information to readers and other writers in our blogging community. Preferable word count is within 1000-2500 words as that will help you provide more information for a good read.

    Maintain Uniqueness: On LicensetoBlog.com, we maintain 100% originality and authenticity. We don’t allow copycats on our platform. Borrowing inspirational ideas from others’ writings is fine but stealing pieces even sporadically from others’ body of work is what we never entertain. We always take stringent actions against such copycats and will never allow them to post on our platform. If you have taken help or references from somewhere, make sure to give due credits that they deserve.

    Give Courtesy: Always keep in mind to give credit to the individual pieces of writing that has helped or somehow inspired you to compose a great content. If it comes to images, make sure to mention the names of the creators. If you have got the idea of your content from somewhere else, mention the source link to give credit. At LicensetoBlog.com, we make it a point to respect everyone having honesty and talent as well as willingness for hard work.

    Technical Points to Remember: Please keep in mind the following rules to engage with more people and ensure improved search engine visibility for your write-up:

    Ø  Put featured images for every article/story of your own.

    Ø  Add profile image as a registered content composer on our platform.

    Ø  Use at least one tag per post.

    Ø  Mention only one category per post.

    Ø  Use customized title and description for visibility on search engines

    Ø  Create internal links to other related contents on LicensetoBlog.com.

    Ø  Create external links to some authority websites such as Wikipedia, News Websites, Forbes etc.

    Ø  Fragment the content into relevant and self-explanatory sub-headings.

    Ø  Place images between the content to break the plain and monochromatic look.

    Ø  Don’t stretch your content to make it unnecessarily huge and heavy.

    We welcome every passionate and skilled blogger to Write for Us in order to help us grow and connect to people showing and sharing their interest. If you want to become a member of our growing list of blogging community, just keep in mind the above-mentioned guidelines. We are on a mission to connect to more people in coming days. We can grow and glow together; that is what we always believe in. Our team members are putting their best effort round the year to ensure that every single post on our platform is accurate, creative and informative enough to satisfy the curious minds around the globe. Connect to our team at [email protected]