XInterview Lifetime Offer: Detailed Review

Finding the right candidates for your company can be challenging. Reviewing countless CVs and conducting multiple interviews takes time. XInterview can solve this problem. This intelligent video interviewing platform uses AI to streamline your hiring process. It evaluates and selects top talent through video interviews. This ensures you find the best match for your role.

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XInterview is the most popular, efficient, and affordable way to screen candidates at scale. It uses AI to help you find and hire the right person for every job.


Best for

  • C-suite
  • Recruiters
  • Small businesses


  • VideoAsk


  • Custom API
  • LinkedIn
  • Rest API
  • Webhooks
  • Zapier


  • GDPR-compliant
  • AI
  • White label
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Features and Benefits of XInterview

XInterview offers a robust suite of features designed to streamline and enhance the recruitment process. Here, we dive into the details of its key features and the benefits they provide:


AI-Powered Screening XInterview leverages advanced AI technology to analyze video responses from candidates. The AI evaluates key factors such as communication skills, professionalism, and cultural fit. This automated process helps quickly identify the most promising candidates, saving time and ensuring a more efficient screening process.

Video Interviewing Candidates can submit video interviews at their convenience. This flexibility removes the need for scheduling conflicts and allows candidates to present themselves in a relaxed setting. Recruiters can review these videos at any time, making the process more adaptable to their schedules.

Bulk Candidate Invitations Easily invite large numbers of candidates to participate in video interviews. Invitations can be sent via email, CSV upload, or a shareable link. This feature is particularly useful for companies dealing with high volumes of applicants.

Automated Workflows XInterview includes customizable email automation and workflow management tools. These features streamline the candidate evaluation process, ensuring consistent communication and reducing the administrative burden on hiring teams.

Multilingual Support The platform supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, and Arabic. This broadens the pool of potential candidates and makes the platform accessible to a diverse range of applicants.

Detailed Analytics Access comprehensive reports and analytics to gain insights into your hiring pipeline. These data-driven insights help refine and optimize the recruitment process, leading to better hiring decisions.

Custom Branded Application Pages XInterview allows companies to create custom-branded application pages. This feature enhances the company’s branding and provides a professional, cohesive look to the application process.

Save Question Templates Save frequently used interview questions as templates. This saves time and ensures consistency across different hiring cycles and roles.

AI-Generated Job Descriptions and Questions The platform uses AI to generate job descriptions and interview questions. This feature helps create detailed and relevant job postings and interview scripts, enhancing the quality of the hiring process.

Application Tracking and Candidate Notes Track the progress of applications and keep detailed notes on each candidate. This feature helps in managing and organizing candidate information, making it easier to review and compare applicants.

Unlimited Views and Questions Recruiters can view candidate responses as many times as needed. There is no limit to the number of questions that can be asked per job post, allowing for a thorough evaluation of each candidate.

Email Automation and Workflows Automate email communications and manage workflows efficiently. This ensures timely updates and follow-ups, enhancing the overall candidate experience.

Secure and GDPR-Compliant XInterview ensures that all data is handled securely and in compliance with GDPR regulations. This commitment to data security and privacy builds trust with both candidates and recruiters.


Time and Cost Efficiency Automating the initial screening process with AI saves significant time and reduces the cost associated with traditional recruitment methods. This allows hiring teams to focus their efforts on the most promising candidates.

Enhanced Candidate Experience By allowing candidates to submit interviews at their convenience, XInterview improves the overall candidate experience. This flexibility and efficiency can lead to a stronger employer brand and attract higher-quality applicants.

Better Hiring Decisions Detailed analytics and AI-driven evaluations provide deeper insights into each candidate’s suitability for the role. This data-driven approach leads to more informed and objective hiring decisions.

Scalability XInterview’s platform can scale with your organization’s needs. Whether you’re hiring for a single position or across multiple departments, the platform can handle varying volumes of applications without compromising efficiency.

Flexibility The platform’s features, such as bulk invitations and automated workflows, offer great flexibility in managing the recruitment process. Recruiters can adapt the system to their specific needs, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Improved Organizational Efficiency By streamlining the recruitment process, XInterview reduces the administrative burden on HR teams. This allows them to allocate more time and resources to strategic activities, ultimately improving overall organizational efficiency.

Global Reach With multilingual support, XInterview can attract candidates from different parts of the world. This global reach helps in finding the best talent irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Stronger Employer Branding Custom branded application pages and a seamless candidate experience contribute to a stronger employer brand. Candidates perceive the company as professional and well-organized, which can be a decisive factor in their decision to join.

Comprehensive Candidate Assessment The ability to save notes, evaluate candidates based on AI-driven insights, and access detailed analytics ensures a comprehensive assessment of each applicant. This thorough evaluation process helps in selecting the best fit for the role.

Secure and Compliant Ensuring data security and compliance with GDPR regulations protects the company from legal risks and builds trust with candidates. This commitment to privacy and security is crucial in today’s digital recruitment landscape.

How XInterview Works

Using XInterview is easy. Here are the steps:

  • Set Up: Create your job posting and customize your interview questions.
  • Invite Candidates: Send bulk invitations via email, CSV upload, or shareable link.
  • Candidate Response: Candidates record and submit their video interviews.
  • Review and Analyze: XInterview’s AI analyzes the responses, focusing on communication, professionalism, and cultural fit.
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Why Choose XInterview?

AI-Powered Screening

XInterview uses advanced AI to evaluate candidates. This technology ensures you focus on the most promising applicants. It saves time and improves hiring decisions.

Flexible and Convenient

Candidates can complete interviews at their convenience. They don’t need to schedule a meeting or download software. This flexibility improves the candidate experience.


XInterview offers a one-time payment for lifetime access. This is more affordable than traditional recruitment services with recurring fees.

Comprehensive Features

XInterview supports the entire hiring process. It offers bulk invitations, automated workflows, multilingual support, and detailed analytics.

Proven Success

Many global clients trust XInterview. They have reduced time-to-hire, improved candidate experience, and made better hiring decisions.

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Plans and Features of XInterview

XInterview offers a variety of plans designed to meet the needs of different organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises. Each plan provides access to a range of features that streamline the hiring process and enhance candidate evaluation. Below is a detailed overview of the plans and the features included in each.

XInterview Plans Overview

XInterview offers three primary plans: Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3. Each plan varies in terms of the number of active jobs, response limits, and storage duration for videos, but all plans include essential features that make XInterview a powerful tool for recruitment.

Plan 1

  • One-time purchase: $59
  • Active jobs: 5
  • Responses per month: 200
  • Video storage duration: 30 days
  • Features included:
  • Unlimited views of candidate responses
  • Unlimited questions per job post
  • Invite applications via link, email, or CSV upload
  • Collect resume/CV toggle
  • Email automation and workflows
  • CSV export of all candidate responses
  • Multilingual support (English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Arabic)
  • Access to client support, regular updates, and new features
  • Application tracking
  • Custom branded application page
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Ability to evaluate candidates with private notes and ratings
  • Save question templates
  • Download videos and resumes
  • AI-generated job descriptions and questions

Plan 2

  • One-time purchase: $118
  • Active jobs: 15
  • Responses per month: 400
  • Video storage duration: 60 days
  • Features included:
  • All features from Plan 1
  • Candidate response shareable link

Plan 3

  • One-time purchase: $177
  • Active jobs: Unlimited
  • Responses per month: 600
  • Video storage duration: 90 days
  • Features included:
  • All features from Plan 2
  • AI transcripts of video responses
  • Up to 3 users
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Features Included in All Plans

All XInterview plans come with a robust set of features designed to streamline the recruitment process and provide valuable insights into candidate evaluation. Here’s a detailed look at the features included in all plans:

Unlimited Views of Candidate Responses Recruiters can view candidate video responses as many times as needed. This ensures that every aspect of the candidate’s interview can be thoroughly evaluated.

Unlimited Questions Per Job Post There is no limit to the number of questions that can be asked in a job post, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of each candidate’s suitability for the role.

Invite Application via Link, Email, or CSV Upload Candidates can be invited to participate in the video interview process through various methods, including a direct link, email invitations, or bulk invitations via CSV upload.

Collect Resume/CV Toggle Recruiters can choose to collect resumes or CVs from candidates, providing additional information for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Email Automation and Workflows Automate email communications and manage workflows efficiently. This ensures timely updates and follow-ups, enhancing the overall candidate experience.

CSV Export of All Candidate Responses Easily export candidate responses in CSV format for further analysis or record-keeping.

Multilingual Support Support for multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, and Arabic, ensures that the platform can accommodate a diverse pool of applicants.

Access to Client Support, Regular Updates, and New Features All plans include access to XInterview’s world-class client support team, as well as regular updates and new feature releases.

Application Tracking Track the progress of applications through each stage of the recruitment process. This feature helps in organizing and managing candidate information effectively.

Custom Branded Application Page Create a custom-branded application page that reflects the company’s branding, providing a professional and cohesive look to the application process.

Analytics and Reporting Access comprehensive reports and analytics to gain insights into the hiring pipeline. These data-driven insights help refine and optimize the recruitment process.

Ability to Evaluate Candidates with Private Notes and Ratings Recruiters can keep detailed notes and ratings for each candidate, facilitating better comparisons and more informed hiring decisions.

Save Question Templates Frequently used interview questions can be saved as templates. This saves time and ensures consistency across different hiring cycles and roles.

Download Videos and Resumes Download candidate videos and resumes for offline review or record-keeping.

AI-Generated Job Descriptions and Questions Use AI to generate detailed and relevant job descriptions and interview questions, enhancing the quality of the hiring process.

Additional Features in Higher Plans

Candidate Response Shareable Link (Plan 2 and Plan 3) Share candidate responses easily with other team members or stakeholders using a shareable link.

AI Transcripts of Video Responses (Plan 3) Get AI-generated transcripts of video responses, making it easier to review and analyze candidate interviews.

Multiple Users (Plan 3) Up to three users can access and manage the account, allowing for collaborative recruitment efforts.

Deal Terms & Conditions

  • Lifetime Access to XInterview: Once purchased, you have lifetime access to the platform.
  • Redemption Period: You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase.
  • Future Updates: All future Launch Plan updates are included in the deal.
  • Stacking Codes: You can stack up to 10 codes to expand the features and capacities of your plan.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: There is a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for two months to ensure it’s the right fit for you.


XInterview offers a powerful and flexible solution for modern recruitment needs. Its AI-powered features, coupled with a user-friendly interface, make it an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes. Whether you need to streamline your hiring process for a few roles or scale it across multiple departments, XInterview provides the tools and insights necessary to make better hiring decisions. With cost-effective lifetime plans and a comprehensive set of features, XInterview stands out as a valuable investment for any company looking to optimize its recruitment efforts.

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