Jasper with Surfer SEO Is the Killer Combination to Rank High on SERP

In the wondrous realm of robotics, AI and ML; SEO and content curation are 2 sides of a single coin. It’s really cumbersome to make a relevant and error-free content and expect it to perform exceptionally well in SERs. Often, content marketers, creators and SEO analysts get lost in the endless horizon of internet space.

Fortunately, the inception of AI and its consistent evolution make your jobs relatively easy. These days, AI writing assistant and evergreen Surfer SEO revolutionizing the writing patterns, formats, outlines and optimization. As a result, your expectation can be attained easily and quickly.

This article will encompass you how the fusion of these advanced tools can boost content creation, productivity and SEO performances significantly. Although AI cannot serve as replacement of human creativity and input yet it speeds up the content generation process offering valuable insights to make it work in the highly competitive digital space. 

Basic comparison of Surfer SEO vs JasperAI

FeaturesSurfer SEOJasper
NLP OptimizationPresentNot Present
Content ScorePresentPresent
Plagiarism Check & SEOPresentIntegration with Surfer/Copyscape
Integration with third-party appsPresentPresent
Customer supportLive Chat feature, email supportEmail support
AI writingpresentPresent
Supported languages2+26
Pricing stars from$
per month/seat
/month for 3 months

What’s Jasper?

Since AI comes into existence, Jasper brings the most efficient AI generators for art and content. But the Jasper AI writing assistant is dedicated to the marketers, copywriters and content strategist to streamline the content generation procedure. It makes use of advanced AI technology backed by ChatGPT-4 for delivering high-quality content.

It supports content generation in about 20 languages extending the usability and accessibility of linguistic contexts to diverse regions. It helps in producing any form content for marketing purposes across social media platforms and other online mediums. 

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Features of Jasper

  • 50 AI-powered templates for making different content
  • Content acceleration mode for efficiency
  • Interactive conversation feature for various collaborative tasks
  • Jasper Art features for generating unique photos and images for the content
  • Language translation in about 30 languages


  • 7-day free trial to check how multiple models of AI assists you
  • Individual folders for every project to organize content systematically and efficiently
  • Chrome extension to integrate the AI assistant allowing you for using it into regular workflow
  • Integrated with Copyscape to check uniqueness and detect plagiarism


  • Navigation is super hard
  • Fact-checking required for generated content
  • Sometimes, it generates repetitive content

Who can use it?

Marketing agencies and entrepreneurs are ideal to make most of Jasper AI version for marketing their services and products online.

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What’s Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO refers to a tool of on-page SEO optimization that incorporates in clustering of keywords, auditing website content, AI writing, and analyzing SERP.  Being an optimizer and content editor, it suggests correct heading and terms (NLP) which will improve the rank of the content in search results. It also analyzes top-ranking pages and finds the similar keywords from the competitors to offer as recommendations.

Features of Surfer SEO

  • Creating cluster of keywords
  • Real-time optimizing of content
  • Audit tool for content
  • SERP analysis
  • Chrome extension for keyword extension


  • Accurate suggestions given by high-end content editor
  • Customization suggestions from competitors to improve ranking
  • Saves time by auto-clustering the keywords
  • SERP analyzer to summarize the differences and similarities between high-ranking pages and content


  • Interface is not user-friendly
  • Lack from AI writing assistance
  • Exceptionally high-level analysis which difficult to understand

Who can use it?

Any marketing agency, affiliate, SEO freelancer, SEO analysts, and member of marketing team can use Surfer SEO to ensure their copy or content rank high in the Search Engine Result Pages.

How to integrate Jasper and Surfer SEO

Once you integrate both of these amazing tools, users will unlock a new access to SEO mode in Jasper dashboard. This mode enables to use Content Editor in maximized way. This feature is available directly in the Jasper documents to enhance, edit and optimize the content according to latest guidelines of SEO. Here, we mention the steps to integrate Surfer SEO with Jasper AI.

  1. Integration set up

Make sure that the subscription is active and logging in is done for both of the accounts at a time. Now, Jasper settings need to be verified with the help of the given steps:

On left side menu, click on profile dropdown

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Integrations
  • Active Surfer SEO toggle
  • Access to SEO

After the connection, check the integration while accessing the Jasper Editor. You can check it with any existing or new Jasper document. Now click on SEO mode on the left panel to access to Content Editor Panel for the document. Enter main and LSI keyword along with location to make new guidelines or link it to the existing guideline with a simple click on any Content Editor on history.

  • Share the draft link

Once the Editor links to Jasper, it never allows creation of Sharable Link and exiting links for the particular document gets automatically expire. To make a Sharable Link the content editor needs to be disconnected from Jasper. Create Sharable Link in Surfer to share in the end. 

How to use the integration of Jasper and Surfer SEO

The integration of Surfer SEO and Jasper assists in the given ways:

Optimized blogs generation

Suppose you want to generate a blog with the main keyword “business module”. Earlier you had to perform keyword research in Surfer SEO and obtain in-depth analysis to optimize the content. After having the keyword you need to plan the topics related to it and audit the content based on outline suggested.

Jasper fills this minute space! Now you just have to import the analysis along with outline from Surfer SEO to Jasper. Having the SEO mode activate, generate the content and leverage the recommendations for optimizations.

It automatically assists you to take care of optimal word count, keyword density, paragraph counts, sub-heading and heading. Naturally the optimization score will improve in no time making the blog perfectly ready to publish and perform it real digital space. 

Maintaining content length and density of keywords

Imagine having a brief blog which needs to increase by the length. Jasper is like the bridge to let you do that in a few minutes. You can hover on any part of content and instruct Jasper functionality for increasing the length that can perform well in SER.

Now, Surfer SEO will start recommending relevant keyword. In case, you cannot stuff that keyword in that particular section instruct the Jasper for generating a subsection with natural coherence to the entire blog with that keyword. Being an advanced AI writing assistant it maintains the writing flair and integrates the subsection seamlessly into your existing content. 

Inserting LSI keywords

Sometimes, you need to insert multiple keywords in the content which are also known as LSI keywords. In such instances, ask Jasper AI to leverage those keywords perfectly in the content. Also, you can ask it for rewriting several paragraphs using the keywords that make the blog passes every criterion in Surfer SEO panel with a green indicator.

With integration, you can harness the outstanding power of both Surfer SEO and Jasper for content generation and optimization. Surely, it is a game changer for both marketers and analysts to create, audit and optimize the blogs and articles starting from increasing content length to stuffing additional keywords become possible due to this advanced fusion.

Now, your content will reach out to maximum number of audience while ranking high on SERP as well.

Benefits of integration of Jasper and Surfer SEO

  • Optimized content framework ideas- Once the integration is done, it helps for generating optimized and high-quality content framework powered by Ahrefs. It will deliver useful content recipes which will perform well.
  • Optimized content generation- Not only the framework, content marketers, writers and SEO analysts will get help from the integration with generation of optimized content based on elements like keywords usage and headings. Plus suggestions will pop up to make the content work best.
  • Keyword implementation ideas- After content generation one can insert the relevant keywords with the help of Surfer SEO’s content editor and make an outline of the article too.
  • Repetitive sequencing guidance- Jasper AI can be guided to generate relevant content and repetitive sequencing is important for that. One can instruct with consistent patterns for generating more compelling articles.
  • Get outlines and relevant sections- The merge help in reviewing the outlines and important sections from both of the tools and identify which ones are complementary to make the content more intriguing and informative.
  • Paragraph generator to expand the content- The concoction will in composing additional paragraphs to add context and depth to crucial elements in the content and make it a relevant narrative.
  • Using natural language and semantic keywords- Processing of natural language and using the semantic keywords will be easy with the suggestion. As a result, the content becomes easy to optimize accordingly for improving the contextual relevance increasing the chance to rank higher in SERs.  
  • Enhancing contextual descriptions and grammar- The contextual description and grammar checking feature ensures the article is perfectly fine conveying the desirable message. Such small adjustments impact the readability on a good note.
  • Fact-checking information- The integration enables checking of the facts and important information such as dates, locations, landmarks and stats to make it a real generated and informative content.
  • Content structure enhancement- After the generation of content, tweaking and reconstructing the sentences are allowed to make everything logically sequenced and well-organized to make long-lasting impression on readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jasper need human input to compose content?

Yes, Jasper is artificial intelligence writing assistant tool which requires human input for generating top-quality content.

How Surfer SEO optimizes the content?

Surfer SEO offers essential insights along with suggestions for important SEO elements like keyword density, headings and structure for optimizing the content.

Can we integrate Surfer SEO with Jasper?

Yes, you can easily integrate the Jasper’s content editor with Surfer SEO for optimizing the structure of content as per the SEO aspects. 

Do we need to cross-check the Jasper-generated content?

Of course yes! No matter what the content is generated by AI writing tool and hence you should cross-check the facts and information along with sentence construction and make required adjustments for credibility and accuracy.

How the integration of Surfer SEO and Jasper improves the process of content creation?

The integration of these incredible tools will streamline the process of content generation by offering valuable suggestions, optimization insights and framework so that the content does well when it comes to SEO performance.


The fine concoction of Surfer SEO and Jasper allows creation of SEO-optimized content in less time. This ensures productivity while you can rest assure that the content will perform well in SERP. The integration accompanies in generating comprehensive outlines, article optimization producing high-quality content. Once, you become a pro using these assistants, exploration of the advanced features and experimenting with them will get easy. Moreover, those advanced features will complement with various yet efficient strategies for enhancing generation and optimization process.

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